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Water week | 10 animations in which water plays a fundamental role in the story



The month of March is marked by the celebration of Water Day, the most precious asset on planet Earth and directly responsible for the survival of the human race. With each passing year, water becomes more precious because it is a finite resource. In addition, it represents about 70% of our planet. Faced with so much importance, nothing is more normal than to arouse the curiosity and fascination of so many people. For this reason, CinePOP has selected 10 animations available in streams that talk about water or in which the element has a fundamental role in the plot. Check!

Finding Nemo

One of Pixar’s most beloved stories, Finding Nemo is one of those immortal classics. Virtually an animated “relentless search”, the film tells the story of Marlim, a clownfish, who crosses the entire ocean in an attempt to save his son, Nemo, who was “kidnapped” by an Australian diver during his first day of school. Along the way, he meets Dory, a small fish who suffers from recent memory loss, who serves as a kind of “guide”. As the duo face the dangers of the open sea, Nemo is taken to an aquarium from where he must escape so as not to become the mascot of a helpless little girl.

Where to watch: Disney +

Ponyo: a friendship from the sea

Released in 2008, “Ponyo” is a fantastic animation from Ghibli Studios that tells the story of the friendship between Sousuke, a boy who lives on the coast, with Ponyo, a “goldfish”, who is actually the daughter of ‘a magician of the oceans. She was trapped in a bottle when she was found by the boy and was moved by his selfless act of saving her. She develops a lot of affection for Sousuke and uses the magic of the ocean to transform into a real girl. However, this sparks the fury of his father, which puts the whole town in danger.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Atlantis: the lost kingdom

Coming from a somewhat dark period, when Disney was no longer able to achieve great success on the big screen, Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom arrived without much fanfare, but it has won over audiences over the years. The story uses an underwater storyline filled with steampunk vehicles and weapons to give it that old movie look. The film is played by Milo, a linguist called upon to translate a map of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Accompanied by a group of soldiers and mercenaries, he descends on an unforgettable adventure.

Where to watch: Disney +


Launched without great expectations, Rango was a resounding success. Produced by Nickelodeon, the film is a top notch western about a lizard who is an actor whose adventure begins after he falls from his aquarium in the middle of the road. Wandering under the scorching sun, he arrives in a small town where the law is not respected and goes through a serious water crisis. Playing the role of a great sheriff, the lizard is committed to giving water back to thirsty citizens.

Where to watch: Netflix

Ice Age 2: The Thaw

Following the criticism of Blue Sky and the box office phenomenon, Ice Age 2 is a film that deals with the melting of the polar caps and the effect of global warming on the prehistoric world. As the sea level rises, new threats, like aquatic reptiles, seem to terrorize the lives of Manny, Diego and Sid. However, with the “diaspora” to non-flooded places, the main trio eventually meet new friends, the mammoth Ellie and the twin skunks, Crash and Eddie.

Where to watch: Disney +

Sharks surprise

Fruit of this era when DreamWorks always sought to make parodies in its films, Espanta Tubarões is practically a mafia film made for children. That’s because he’s about Oscar, a rogue fish who works in a whalebath, but dreams of being rich and famous. His luck comes when he is accidentally seen at the scene of the murder of a shark son of underwater mafia boss Don Lino. He becomes known as the Shark Slayer and becomes a local hero. However, when the Mafia chases him for revenge, things start to get out of the hands of the goldfish.

Where to watch: Telecine

The little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of those stories that spans generations and thrills audiences of all ages. Based on the story of Hans Christian Andersen, the film stars the teenage mermaid Ariel, a young princess in love with the surface world, whose greatest desire is to be a part of this world. Tired of just scooping up whatever trinkets she can get with the Sabichão gull, Ariel goes to the sea witch, Ursula, to make a deal: trades her voice for legs and the ability to breathe out of the water. However, if she doesn’t want to blow bubbles, she must receive a kiss of true love from the prince. It’s time?

Where to watch: Disney +

Pokémon Ranger and the legendary Sea Temple

The ninth film in the Pokémon franchise marks the transition of Hoenn’s reaction to Sinnoh. He talks about Pokémon Rangers, a type of “activist” of the Pokémon world, who fight for the preservation of the environment of the seas of this universe. The plot revolves around a mysterious egg that emerges in the ocean and begins to alter the behavior of aquatic Pokémon. A villain wants to get it for his collection, but a Ranger arrives first and takes the egg to his trailer. There, Ash and his friends drink water after being rescued in the desert. Then, overnight, May creates a connection with the Egg, which brings her back to a view of Kyogre Underwater Castle. If we had to define this film in one word, it would be: DOIDEIRA. Besides being pretty much everyone in the water, he tackles this issue of activism, big business and even has an “If I were you” moment with Team Rocket.

Where to watch: Telecine

Moana – A sea of ​​adventures

Coming to Frozen, this animation takes place in the aquatic world. In the plot, Moana is the daughter of the chief of an island tribe who maintains a respectful relationship with the sea. Tired of the monotonous island life, she dreams of going to sea using her skills acquired from a young age. age. Everything changes when she meets the demigod Maui, who will put her in an ancestral confrontation with a threatening maritime entity. Together, they regain Maui’s powers and discover that Moana’s powers are hiding something very important.

Where to watch: Disney +

SpongeBob: The Movie

One of the best adaptations of a theater television series ever, the first SpongeBob movie is a lesson in how to have some humor, adventure and fun without losing the features of the series that has enchanted generations on televisions around the world. Originally slated to be the last episode of animation, the feature liked the series so much that it ended up having hundreds of more episodes afterwards. In the plot, the villainous Plankton steals the crown of King Neptune and incriminates Lord Siriguejo. While defending the boss, SpongeBob offers to recover the artifact in exchange for the boss’s life. Then, with their friend Patrick, they go on a very fun trip to the end of the ocean.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

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