Water bomb in the area of ​​Trapani, Castelvetrano flooded



The province of Trapani continues to be plagued by bad weather. After the heavy downpour that fell a few days ago in western Sicily, another water bomb fell on the entire Trapani region. The greatest inconveniences were recorded in Castelvetrano, where the rains literally submerged almost the entire town. The streets turned into swollen rivers as the rain continued to fall. The mayor recommended avoiding travel and closing schools, offices and public parks.

Damage and flooding occurred on lower floors of homes and commercial activities. Power cuts have been continuous, affecting Castelvetrano as well as much of the Trapani region. The bad weather began to afflict Sicily on Sunday evening, then continued for most of Monday, creating situations of great chaos. Numerous interventions by civil protection and firefighters. The weather alert is also valid for Tuesday, with strong winds that can exceed sixty kilometers per hour.

Water bomb in the area of ​​Trapani, the municipality of Castelvetrano: “Pay attention to the indications of the authority”

Below is the note from the administration of Castelvetrano: “Pay attention to the information provided by the authorities. Do not stand on bridges or along the banks or banks of a flooded waterway. Do not cross a ford during and after a rainfall event, especially if it is intense, whether on foot or with a vehicle. Move away from the locality if you hear suspicious noises attributable to the building (squeaking, dull noises) or if you notice the opening of cracks in the building. Stay away from the locality in case you notice cracks opening in the ground or hear unusual rumblings or noises in the surroundings (especially during and after particularly intense or very prolonged rain events). Don’t forget the pet, if there is one.”

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