Warner promises to release SIX DC productions per year starting in 2022



Warner Bros. has ambitious plans for DC’s future in the film business and is already planning its long-term future, with the prospect of releasing more than four comic-based films direct to theaters, starting in 2022. Additionally, the studio is also planning an expansion for small screens, and has already announced the production of spin-off productions that will be interconnected with hero functionality and that will be launched in streaming.

The information was revealed by DC Films President Walter Hamada in an interview with The New York Times.

At the time, the executive and producer also pointed out that DC’s most expensive films will be produced to be shown on the big screen. In addition, the WarnerMedia division is also planning additional new features on a smaller scale, with the goal of launching two per year.

According to the New York Times, these small projects are expected to be “riskier” characters, such as Batgirl and Super Shock, with features of this size released exclusively on the company’s streaming platform, HBO Max.

The executive also revealed that DC Films “will now work with filmmakers to develop weapons for their films – television series that will air on HBO Max and which are interconnected with their on-screen productions.”

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In his speech, Hamada briefly explained his plans:

“With every movie that we plan now, we ask ourselves, ‘What’s your potential spinoff from Max?’

It should be remembered that this proposal is already coming to life with the new HBO Max series on the character ‘Peacemaker’, which will be part of the DC Cinematic Universe, the DCEU. Filming for the series will begin shortly and filmmaker James Gunn is already in Canada, preparing to start work on the new project. In all, Season 1 will only have eight one-hour episodes.

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