‘WandaVision’: Paul Bettany reveals which comics spawned the series



As much as Visão (Paul Bettany) ‘s return to “ WandaVision’ ‘seems like simple fan service, the idea of ​​bringing the character into an alternate reality has a great basis in the comics.

During an interview with Variety, Bettany revealed how she learned of the show’s existence and what her reaction was to finding out which comics would be used with inspiration.

“Kevin Feige and [o co-presidente do Marvel Studios] Louis D’Esposito called me and I thought I would be fired from the MCU… After all, Visão was dead, ”he joked. “But when I found them, they said to me, ‘We had a TV series planned on Visão’, before they finished talking, I was like, ‘Okay, I am!’

He went on and explained the comics.

“We talked about two comics that would be the main foundation of the series. “M Dynasty” and “The Vision”… The first Wanda show creating an alternate reality across the Marvel Universe, and the other showing Vision trying to start a family in the suburbs. You know? I loved it because the series is a mix between these two comics that I love, in addition to paying homage to American comedies of the last decades.

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For those who are not familiar, “The Vision” accompanies the android in building a family and trying to live a normal suburban life, while also trying to cope with the lack of feelings to support his dream of an ordinary life. .

And ‘M Dynasty’ was a big arc launched in 2005, in which Wanda Maximoff creates a new reality around him after having a nervous breakdown and losing control of his powers, which affects the Marvel Universe.

Recalling that ‘Wandavision’ is already the highest rated production in the MCU, with 97% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to the seal of quality certification.

With this new percentage, the series managed to surpass the “Black Panther” brand, which until then had the highest rating, with 96% approval.

Of the 126 expert review ratings present in the aggregator, only eight were rated negative.

The first two episodes of the production are now available on Disney +.

“WandaVision” mixes classic sitcom style with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the series, Wanda Maximoff and Visão – two super powerful beings living their suburban dream – begin to suspect that nothing is what it appears to be.

The series is directed by Matt Shakman (“Game of Thrones”) and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris and Kathryn Hahn.

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