‘WandaVision’ is the MOST POPULAR series in the world today



According to Forbes, “WandaVision” is the most POPULAR series in the world today, and its performance is considered 111 times above average.

The result was based on analysis by Parrot Analytics, which took into account social media data, fan reviews, and even illegal downloads.

The series won the title of its fifth episode. The first three episodes stayed between positions 7 and 35 on the chart before the next two episodes generated enough buzz for the production to reach number one.

“When we marathon a new series like we do on Netflix, we usually see a huge spike in popularity in the first week,” explained analyst Wade Payson-Denney. “They really stand out, but they lose it quickly. It’s a quick hit for these streaming services. With a weekly release, we see popularity gradually increasing, especially in shows like “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision”. “

Recalling that the next chapter will be released on February 19.

The series was created by Jac Schaeffer, screenwriter for “Black Widow”.

Wanda Maximoff and Visão, two overpowered beings, live their dream of suburbia, but begin to suspect that nothing is what it seems.

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Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany stars. The cast also includes Kathryn Hahn, Shane Berengue, and Emma Caulfield Ford, as well as returning faces known as Kat Dennings (to “ Thor ” Darcy Lewis), Randall Park (“ Ant-Man ” agent Jimmy Woo and Vespa ‘) and Teyonah Parris (who will play the adult version of Monica Rambeau from’ Captain Marvel ‘).

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