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WandaVision | How can the end of the series influence ‘Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness’?




If you haven’t watched the latest episode of WandaVision, then don’t read this article unless you don’t mind spoilers.

WandaVision ended with a post-credit scene that will be very important to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And since the Scarlet Witch is already confirmed in Doctor Strange’s second adventure (Benedict Cumberbatch), we believe she will have a lot of influence on the plot. I mean, more than himself, Darkhold has to be the centerpiece of all the possible misfortunes that are now happening in the wizarding world of Marvel. Thinking about it, we’ve separated five villains with series-related motivations that fit not only in Doctor Strange: In the Locura Multiverse, but also in Agatha Harkness’s (Kathryn Hahn) phrase stating that Wanda released something from terrible in WandaVision. Check!


As we’ve seen throughout WandaVision, the book the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) appears to be reading in the second post-credit scene is the Mystical Artifact Darkhold, a book whose creation dates back to before the submersion of Atlantis, and which was in the possession of the witch Agatha Harkness. In the comics, it is made of dark matter and was written by Chthon, an elderly creature known to be the first black magic practitioner in the Marvel Universe. In dealing with the energy of chaos and with this specific type of magic, Wanda’s powers are linked to Chthon, who transferred some of her energy to the future witch around the time she was born. Her plan was to be able to manipulate the adult version of Wanda to use the “Hex Powers” – we heard about it on the show – to have the girl reshape the universe as she wanted. But why is this book so special? Forged in the Infernal Dimension, it has instructions on how to perform all known spells, allowing its wearer to build or bring anything they want. One of the most famous cases in comics is the creation of werewolves, which gives characters like Blade and the Moon Knight a lot of work. Now that Wanda has become the Scarlet Witch, Marvel can take her to the theaters to help explain the emergence. of his magical powers in childhood, and show him that he tries to reshape the world at will. Additionally, Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) must come across as a fundamentalist villain, who might end up getting involved in Dark Magic and, therefore, with Chthon.

Fans expected the demon Mephisto to appear on WandaVision already. However, the plot ended up getting more intimate, deciding to focus more on Wanda in the face of her grief and with Visão (Paul Bettany) trying to figure out exactly who he is. Well, that capirot got her appearance speculated because her story ties into that of Wanda and her babies in the comics. This is because Billy and Tommy end up being spawned with pieces of Mephisto’s soul. Then, when the demon pulls himself together, he tries to absorb the missing pieces of his soul, causing the “death” of the Maximoff twins. This leads to Wanda losing her mind, panicking, killing half of the Avengers, including Visão, and becoming a threat. However, the twins fight him and manage to reincarnate into new bodies, allowing them to take on the roles of superheroes: Wiccan and Celeste. The series has already shown us that Wanda is now considered a villain because of the kidnapping of the inhabitants of Westview, so Mephisto is unlikely to appear to reinforce this evil status of the witch. However, in the post-credit scene we see that as Wanda relaxes, the Scarlet Witch hears her children screaming in despair and studies the Darkhold as if she is looking for a way to bring them back. It is possible that he emerges as a creature freed by Wanda assuming the powers of the Scarlet Witch and causes an interdimensional hell. Another rumor that would aid in this appearance would be an alleged Ghost Rider participation in the plot.

Bad dream

It’s been a while since the Nightmare, or rather … The Nightmare is supposed to be Doctor Strange 2 villain. He even had a vehicle that already took Eva Green’s cast for the role for granted, but like Marvel didn’t. has not confirmed, will treat us as a rumor. Well, in the comics, Nightmare is a ridiculously powerful creature who started out as a servant of the Lord of Chaos, Shuma-Gorath – a gigantic infernal pole that has already ruined the lives of many. But the servant found himself stronger than the master and left for the Dimension of Dreams, where he began to channel the fear of deadly nightmares to make him even more powerful. Responsible, as the name suggests, for our nightmares, the bad guy is fear addicted and dependent on him just like an addict. This takes him to Earth, where he manages to terrify even more people by planting bad dreams in their minds, and craves more fear. Apart from that, he manages to manipulate dark energy and the feelings of others, two weaknesses not only of Wanda, but of Doctor Strange himself. As the episodes of WandaVision debuted, fans began to notice that the use of the word “nightmare” became more and more common, bordering on repetitive, which motivated some of them. them to speculate that the villain might already appear in the series. Now that we have a movie involving Wanda, Magic, Dimensional Travel, and the Supreme Magician, The Nightmare seems like a respectable antagonist.

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Based on the monsters of HP Lovecraft, Shuma-Gorath is chaos in essence. Worshiped by the Incas as a god, the monster is seen as a chaotic demigod who uses his tentacles to manipulate dimensions, which not only legitimizes the multiverse but also places him as one of its most powerful creatures. , if not the most powerful. Immortal, the only way to stop him is to imprison him in other dimensions with spells that prevent him from crossing it. Yes, he is able to traverse, teleport, and manipulate dimensions very easily. As if that weren’t enough, he also emits beams of energy through the eyes and sportsmanship control to escape and manipulate other powerful creatures to serve as a herald. Aware of his power, he is a pit of arrogance. And let’s face it, if you were the Herald of Chaos, a being so powerful that you can control the Universal Forces, you’d probably be pretty arrogant too. Anyway, given that Darkhold is made with Chaos Magic and apparently a very powerful creature was unleashed when Wanda incorporated the Chaotic Scarlet Witch, why not believe that one of the Supreme Magician’s most famous villains , famous for representing universal chaos, does not. Could it be this monster?

Ok, ok, not everyone will like this one, but it’s very consistent. There was hope that Doctor Strange would appear on WandaVision to help Wanda deal with the magic issues. As he did not appear and we saw Wanda relaxing as the Scarlet Witch studied on the Astral Plane, it may be that the “Scarlet” Entity was the greatest threat at the time. In the comics, the character has taken on this villainous role a few times before, always caused by epidemics involving personal loss. What if the MCU introduced this super powerful new facet to put Wanda in a “split personality” process? As well as? Well, more or less like FOX did with the Black Phoenix in the X-Men movies, showing the entity taking Jean Gray’s mortal body and causing unrest and horror there. And it’s interesting that unlike Doctor Strange himself, who always appears in the same clothes on the physical and astral planes, Wanda uses different clothes on the two planes, possibly indicating that they are not there. same person, despite sharing this body. And since the Witch is already seen as a villain, it would more easily justify her presence in the movie of Doctor Strange, the Guardian of Our Reality.

Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness set to debut in March 2022

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