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WandaVision | 10 questions the latest episode should answer for fans




If you haven’t watched the eighth episode of WandaVision, then don’t read this article to avoid spoilers.

The WandaVision Series Finale will be available to the public from this Friday (5). We call it “Final Series” because Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige has previously said there are no predictions for a second season, so we’ll likely have the series finale now. Well, the main phenomenon at the start of 2021, WandaVision has built several mysteries that have yet to be solved. Along with fan theories, the series has a lot of details that may or may not be resolved in this final episode. In the midst of so many unresolved issues, the ten resolutions we want to see in the last chapter have come apart. Check!

What’s wrong with Pietro Maximoff?

Appearing by surprise, Wanda’s late sister (Elizabeth Olsen) made a big splash when she mysteriously arrived in Westview. More surprising than his appearance, however, is the actor who plays him: Evan Peters, who had previously experienced Mercury in the X-Men movies. Since then, the big question has prevailed: is he the same Mercury as the X-Men or is he just part of Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) plan? As seen in the penultimate episode, he appears to be related to the witch … or is he controlled by the witch? There are still those who believe he could be the demon Mephisto or the Nightmare. Who is he really?

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Who is Dottie?

A recurring character in the first episodes of the series, Dottie Jones (Emma Caulfield) is full of mysteries. She went from being a neighbor woman to being shocked by reality in a matter of minutes, but then did little in WandaVision. However, what draws attention to the character is that her true identity did not appear in the image of the SWORD, as well as Agnes, who until then disguised herself so as not to reveal her nickname Agatha. Harkness. In other words, is she also a witch?

Agatha Harkness: Friend or foe?

Owner of the series’ biggest mystery to date, witch Agatha Harkness disguised herself as a neighbor so she could guide and learn more about the Earth Nexus creature, the Scarlet Witch. She has revealed her true identity in an episode that plays out as if it was a therapy session or Wanda’s “regression”, implying that she had some interest in the past. However, given Agatha’s history of abandonment and exclusion, as well as this supposed “interest”, Agatha Harkness seems to take on an anti-hero air, as if she really cares for the girl. Additionally, she has access to magic and seems to have learned to control it with the help of someone. Was it with a supreme magician?

What will happen to Visão?

As we saw in the last few episodes, Visão (Paul Bettany) died and was rebuilt from the ground up by Wanda. However, his billionaire body was in possession of the SWORD, which attempted to rebuild it for use as a weapon, bringing white vision to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It turns out that the version recreated by Wanda doesn’t have exactly the same memories as the hero before death, so he tries to escape without hurting his beloved. There is an expectation of the confrontation between Visão and Visão Branco, this clash between reason and emotion of the same character. We have a lot of questions about the character’s future, like “will he understand what happened to him?” and “will he merge with Visão Branco?”. But the big question is, will he survive the end of the series?

What will happen to the children?

Wiccano and Célere appeared for a few moments in the last episodes, but have already won over a legion of fans. The last time we saw them they were in Agatha’s possession, who magically stopped them. However, these could not even be children, but projections of them. Anyone who has read the comics knows that they are absorbed into the soul of the demon Mephisto and reincarnate into new bodies after defeating him in a magical / spiritual battle. Will we see the same in the series? Or will they end up living by escaping Hex?

Is there a Ralph? Who is he?

One character who hasn’t even appeared, but who doesn’t come out of fan theories is Ralph, Agnes / Agatha’s alleged husband, who has been constantly mentioned by her in several episodes. At the start of the series, there was a lot of betting that he would be the Mephisto. However, since the devil has not manifested so far, some people have given up on this theory. However, even if he’s not such a demon, why has he been talked about so much in the production? Does this have any relevance? Who is Ralph?

Tyler Hayward: hero or villain?

Mysterious and closed off, ESPADA director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) is still in limbo of being a hero or a villain. Although he emerged with respect, showing admiration and ethics for his colleagues, Hayward has had its ups and downs before, showing that he is unreliable at all. As well as hiding Operation Cataract from other heroes and agents, he also forged images of Wanda hijacking Visão’s corpse to cover up his plans to create White Vision to be used as a weapon. There is a fan theory that this agent has a direct connection to HYDRA or IMA (Advanced Mechanical Ideas). What are the motivations of this man?

What happened to Monica Rambeau?

At the end of the penultimate episode, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) invaded Hex, confirmed her energy manipulation superpowers, confronted Wanda, and ended up being surprised by Mercury. We already know that she must have taken the name Photon, but what happened in this situation between her and Mercury? Where did he take her? How will she manage to escape? As the character was somewhat forgotten in the eighth episode, we believe that she will have more screen time in this last chapter so as not to end up “forgotten” in this role of supers.

Was Agatha’s book Darkhold?

One moment that garnered a lot of attention in the seventh episode was the presence of an enchanted book behind Agnes as she revealed herself as Agatha Harkness. Fans have speculated that it could be Darkhold, a chaotic book that teaches all kinds of spells and charms, including reviving and summoning demons. Yeah, guys wanna see Mephisto anyway. So, was this Darkhold book or just something very striking in the composition of the basement – dungeon scenario?

Who is the participation in the “Luke Skywalker” level that Paul Bettany was talking about?

A few weeks ago, Paul Bettany ignited fan theories by saying that WandaVision would have a Luke Skywalker cameo in The Mandalorian, and that it would be with an actor or actress he had always dreamed of working with, but didn’t. had never had the opportunity. Fans soon assume it would be Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), as they didn’t screen share in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). They also spoke to Al Pacino, but that seems unlikely. However, it could be that he played a joke on everyone, because such an actor could be … himself, only in the shoes of Visão Branco. Would that be frustrating? Perhaps. The important thing is that we want to know who the mysterious actor is, even if it’s Paul Bettany himself.

The last episode of WandaVision opens this Friday (5), on Disney +.

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