Wagner Moura and Brazilian producer join Oscar voting members



Wagner Moura and Andrea Barata Ribeiro, executive producer of O2 Filmes, have been announced as members of the Hollywood Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

With the nomination, they will be judged at the next edition of the Oscar, the most important award in cinema.

In front of the production company O2 Filmes, which this year celebrates three decades of actor and pioneer by collecting awards around the world, Andrea Barata Ribeiro sees his nomination to the Academy as a victory for Brazilian cinema.

“Nothing more symbolic! This is the greatest recognition to show who Brazil is in this time of cultural dismantling. Being a member attests to the potential of our Brazilian cinema, ”he comments.

Producer of films such as “Cidade de Deus” and “Marighella”, as well as series for streaming platforms and for television, in 2005, she was the first Brazilian woman elected by the American magazine Variety as one of the five of the world’s most influential producers.

The complete list with the 395 names of film market professionals from 50 countries who are now part of the Oscar, was published today on the official website of the Academy.

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