“ Vozes e Vultos ” presents the latest work of voice actors Ana Lucia Menezes and Dário de Castro



The thriller ‘Vozes e Vultos’, starring Amanda Seyfried and available on Netflix, marks the latest work of voice actors Ana Lucia Menezes and Dário de Castro.

Ana Lucia Menezes, voice actress for actresses Amanda Seyfried, Kate Mara and Rory in the series “ Gilmore Girls ”, died at the age of 46 from a stroke on April 19, 2021.

Voice actor Dário de Castro died on April 15, at the age of 72, of complications caused by the coronavirus. Famous for voicing Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, William Hurt, and Dolph Lundgren in most of his films, Dário was also an actor and voiceover director.

Their work can be seen in ‘Vozes e Vultos’:

✨ One of the last films with Ana Lucia Menezes and Dário de Castro in the dub, Vozes e Vultos, is now available on Netflix.

In the plot, after leaving the big city for the countryside, a woman discovers that her husband and his new home are hiding sinister secrets. pic.twitter.com/EdZkw5pyOZ

– Brazilian dub (@dublagembra) April 29, 2021

The actress’s daughter, Bia Menezes, posted a beautiful text about the death of her mother.

“This text has been prepared since Friday, I already knew it. You haven’t come back to me. But he returned home. your house, your house next to our Father. And I’m grateful to God for that, grateful to God for hugging you, grateful to God for doing, it wasn’t in our way, but it was in the most perfect way possible, like whatever it does. You wrote a story here, and I have an obligation to continue it because I know it would be exactly as you would like me to do. You fought until the last minute, now it’s time to rest and enjoy what God has prepared for you. I love you and I will love you always, until eternity, ”he wrote.

Enjoy watching:

Here is our tribute to these two big names in Brazilian dubbing.

Watch the trailer for ‘Voices and Figures’:

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