‘Vortex’: Gaspar Noé’s new film wins first OFFICIAL video; Check!



“Vortex” became legendary director Gaspar Noé’s seventh film to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, and now IndieWire has released the first clip for the feature, exclusively.


Few details of the account have been revealed.

However, the production is known to stars Dario Argento (the director behind the classic ‘Suspiria’) and revolves around an elderly couple in their last days, taking place entirely on a split screen.

Regarding the nature of the film, Noah commented to the same press vehicle that: “These are the two forms of life that are not shared, but complementary. Each of them lives in their own tunnel, but they are intertwined. Life is a bit like that. The only real reality is the addition of all the perceptions of it.

“At first I didn’t think I would do the whole split-screen movie,” he continued. “I started filming with two cameras, then only one. Then I realized that I should have shot two cameras if I wanted to keep the split screen idea for the movie. So we had to re-record some scenes and parts that got lost. I was very happy to have done that “.

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