Vodafone, what a bomb: mind-blowing offer at an unprecedented price



Vodafone is back on the market. Indeed, the red operator has launched an offer at an unprecedented price: all the details.

Vodafone’s fight to become the leader in the mobile phone sector does not stop. The British telephone operator is ready to launch a tariff plan at unbeatable prices on the market: info and tariffs.

Over the past year, many users have moved from incumbent phone companies to MVNO networks, which often offer unlimited internet and calling at great prices. To have lost so many customers, there is also one of the leaders in the sector like Vodafone. Now, however, the UK phone company is ready to take back many users thanks to the latest sensational offer. In fact, the red telephone operator is ready to return to the market with a straight leg.

For this reason, the manager has decided to launch two amazing offers, which only change between them for the modalities. Obviously the quality remains the same mom to change it will be the price, much lower than usual, with the content that will remain very high. The solutions adopted by Vodafone are two in number and are becoming popular in recent times. Users would receive a message or call for immediate feedback. So let’s find out what are the two essential offers offered by the company.

Vodafone, two offers for the return: they are unbeatable

As we had anticipated, the offers offered by Vodafone for the return of most of its users are two in number. The first is the Special 100 Giga. From the name of the plan, you can understand that the content is really rich and above all at a great price. In fact, with just €7.99 you’ll have unlimited minutes to all operators, physical and mobile, unlimited texts to everyone and 70 gigabytes of 4G data traffic. The giga will become 100 when you decide to pay by direct debit from the current account.

While the second tariff plan designed by Vodafone is rather the sensational offer which takes the name of Digital Edition. In fact, this offer only offers the same content as the Special 100 Giga. The tariff plan allows everyone to have 100 gigabytes immediately, without having to debit the monthly cost from the current account. The price also remains the same. We will see in the coming weeks whether by doing so the British company will be able to recover the customers lost over the past year.

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