Vodafone, shock promotion: the never-before-seen calls and internet package



Bomb coming from Vodafone: from today it is possible to subscribe to a promotional subscription with the telephone operator of impressive quality

The war between mobile phone providers is still on. There are many possibilities for Italian and foreign users to choose the best tariff plan, the most satisfactory offer among the different ones on the market.

The Vodafone logo (web source)

From now on, those who subscribe to a telephone subscription do so for two reasons: to have possibly unlimited calls and to be able to navigate with a certain freedom, perhaps with the 5G reception system which gives quick answers throughout the territory.

Vodafone has recently come to the rescue of these needs. The company of British origin, which has enjoyed enormous success in Italy for years, has launched a bomb promotion in recent hours, giving the possibility of subscribing under extremely advantageous conditions.

Special 100 Giga and digital edition at a reduced price: today’s promotion launched by Vodafone

In the war between suppliers, Vodafone puts on the plate in these hours a truly unmissable offer. To win new users and snatch them from the clutches of the most important competitors such as TIM or Iliad, this double promotion happens.

The vendor’s intent is to put the greatest capabilities of their business on the plate, available to all. The two best promotions, the 100 Giga Special and the Digital Edition, are available at 90% from today, but with a very limited edition. Vodafone Suepr Deals (Pixabay)

These are perhaps the most interesting proposals in the Vodafone panorama for mobile telephony. The Special 100 Giga offers unlimited calls to anyone and 1000 SMS available. As for Internet browsing, up to 100 gigabytes of web memory are reached.

The Special Edition also has the same characteristics, but the variants concern the price, slightly different between the two, but above all the subscription mode. The Special can only be used by accepting payment with Smartpay domiciled on your current account. Digital, on the other hand, can also be set up as a simple rechargeable offer.

These offers are dedicated, as often happens, only to new Vodafone customers. In other words, those who want to switch from another operator to the UK provider. Nothing to do for already subscribers.

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