Vittorio Sgarbi, have you ever seen the children? The resemblance is chilling



Have you ever seen the children of the famous politician Vittorio Sgarbi? The resemblance to the father is amazing.

Without a doubt, Vittorio Sgarbi is one of the most criticized and controversial figures in the world of Italian politics. Recognized for his argumentative temperament, he has more than once hesitated to express his thoughts clearly or to argue directly. His private life is also quite well known: did you know he had children? They look a lot like him.

Vittorio Sgarbi – Solocine.it

Originally from Ferrara, before entering politics, he cultivated his humanities with passion. After graduation, in fact, he graduated in Philosophy with the highest marks and, shortly after, he also obtained the specialization in Art History. Alongside his career as a politician, he also pursued his career as an art critic. He taught for a few years at the University of Udine and published several books and essays on the subject.

He has therefore always worked in the world of culture, to which he then joined politics. In this sector, since 1975, he has held various roles, often changing sides, so much so that he has been defined as “the biggest rapid change in Italy”. More than once he argued with his colleagues until the controversy: the episode where he was removed by justice is known.

But what do we know about his love life? She has had several relationships and has three children.

Vittorio Sgarbi, the children who are identical to him

Vittorio Sgarbi has often spoken of him also for his private life. He was born into a family of pharmacists and his sister is Elisabetta Sgarbi, who a few years ago founded the publishing house La nave di Teseo. Since 1998, he has had a relationship with actress Sabrina Colle, who, however, both define “open”.

His view of fatherhood has often sparked controversy. The former deputy has indeed three children, but defines himself only as a “biological father”, having never wanted to become a parent.

Evelina and Alba Sgarbi and Carlo Brenner – Solocine.it

The three boys are called Alba, Evelina and Carlo and they look a lot like her. The mayor of Sutri has met them several times and always speaks well of them. He has good relations with Evelina and Alba (with the first he shares a passion for art, while the second lives in Albania), while with his eldest son Carlo, born in 1988, he has a controversial relationship. The boy was born from the relationship with his ex-wife Patrizia Brenner, who died in 2002 of leukemia, and always preferred to keep his mother’s surname, Brenner.

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