Violet as the sea awaits, public out of breath: it is in danger



The first advances on Viola come il mare appear. In fact, the leaked news left the public speechless: he is in danger.

The TV series Viola come il mare is also about to end and the first previews of the latest episodes have emerged online. The public remains in suspense as a protagonist is in danger: what will happen.

All the previews on the latest episodes of the TV series (Via Screenshot)

The television series with Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, produced by Lux Vide, which in recent weeks has kept Canale 5 viewers company, is coming to an end with several twists and turns, including the standoff concerning the protagonists. First of all we will face the disappointment towards Don Andrea who with his behavior, that is to say a real refusal, will make the journalist suffer deeply.

Just to try and distract herself from what happened, Viola will rush headlong into work and focus on a new case to investigate. Next, we’ll talk about a man who searches for his missing daughter, Delilah, a case that will involve a lot of Viola on a personal level. Then, a new case will be confronted, which Viola Vitale will investigate and seems to have a connection with Farah’s death. Precisely this event will continue to make Francesco Demir suffer and make him feel a strong sense of guilt.

Violet like the sea, extracts from the last episode: what will happen?

Violet like the sea, the two protagonists: Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman (photo © Mediaset).

In the latest episode, Chief Inspector Francesco Demir will continue his investigations into the human trafficking case and begin to convince himself that there might be a mole in the police. Also, in the life of Demir, a very important role will be played by Turi, a character played by Giovanni Nasta, who during the last interview also talked about his relationship with Can Yaman on the set.

During the show’s final moments, with Francesco Demir one step away from turning the corner on the human trafficking investigation, Viola is in for trouble. In fact, the journalist will discover a very painful truth and will feel physically and mentally ill. A pain which, however, will only aggravate her illness and will force her to resort to drugs and medical care. Finally, the protagonist will find herself involved in a series of events that will lead her to meet the wrong person who will put her in serious danger. Under blackmail, Viola will have only one hope, namely that François will arrive on time.

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