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Vin Diesel turns 54 | Actors’ movies you’ve never heard of!



Currently showing in theaters with The Fast and the Furious 9 – the biggest box office success of 2021 to date – the star Vin Diesel ends this Sunday, July 18, 54 birthdays in his life. Like many of 007’s on-screen performers, Diesel’s career seems to have been linked to the role of Dom Toretto, the protagonist of the motorized franchise, which has become one of the highest-grossing in film history, reaching now an impressive number of nine films.

Appearing on the scene with the promise of becoming a big name in action movies, unlike Dwayne Johnson, say, Diesel seems to only work in the franchise in question. But don’t feel bad for him, because being the producer and owner of the film series, the actor has made sure alongside Universal Pictures to become one of the biggest and most successful names in the market today. ‘hui. Diesel even tries his forays outside of his beloved franchise, with some projects even very popular with the public, such as Triple X, and even sided with Marvel where in a double deal he would give voice to the humanoid tree Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and would lend his body to the mute protagonist Black Ray in Inhumans. The result was that only the first one happened, with Marvel canceling plans to bring Inhumans to the big screen.

To celebrate the 54th birthday of Vin Diesel, an actor often underestimated by much of the public, we decided to create a different story, commenting on some of the darkest films of the star’s career. Some you might not even have heard of. And to the surprise of many, some of these films are very effective dramas. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

The first time many saw Vin Diesel onscreen was in the Oscar-winning war drama Saving Private Ryan (1998). Younger people, on the other hand, may have heard him synchronize the robot’s voice in The Iron Giant (1999). However, what many may not know is that Diesel appeared on the scene alone, starring in the 1997 crime drama Killer Instinct (Strays), a film written, directed and produced by himself. The actor uses a lot of his real-life experiences as a bouncer to create the character of Rick, a guy who is fed up with his lifestyle, ready to change everything. However, your friendships can set you back. It is precisely because of his commitment to this personal project that Steven Spielberg, one of the giants of the industry, wrote the character of Private Ryan especially for Diesel. This is what is moral.

Getting your hands dirty on your own has undoubtedly opened doors for Vin Diesel. After Spielberg liked the movie the actor directed and the starring role in Private Ryan (1998), Diesel began to receive more and more opportunities in Hollywood. The first came in this dramatic New Line thriller in which the actor stars alongside characters like Ben Affleck, Nia Long and Giovanni Ribisi. The film tackles with the eyes of the time a subject very in vogue today, that of financial investment companies. Today, these companies sell their fish through social networks. In 2000, when the feature film came out, the situation worked out differently. Diesel is one of the “sharks” of investing in this underrated, little-mentioned work, but so interesting that it gets another chance.

Have fun watching:

Where to watch: HBO Max.

Another New Line production was launched the following year, 2001, when Vin Diesel also released the first Fast and Furious. The subject this time is veiled crime with the theme of the mafia. Diesel and Barry Pepper lead a group of friends linked to crime: they are the sons of gangsters acting alone and getting into the biggest trouble of their lives. Here, the actor plays with heavyweights like John Malkovich and the late Dennis Hopper.

Where to watch: HBO Max.

This one might not be as unfamiliar as the others above, having its own little legion of fans. It is perhaps the most beloved franchise of the actor, who is passionate about science fiction and elements of geek / pop culture. It all started here, in this production which was not very successful in 2000, but lived to become cult, so much so that it generated a nice sequel in 2004, and an average in 2013. Other than that , Diesel promises yet a fourth film. Mortal Eclipse can best be described as a version of Alien (1979) set on an entire planet and featuring an antihero played by the actor. Next come The Battle of Riddick (2004) and Riddick 3 (2013).

Where to watch: Netflix – Deadly Eclipse and Riddick 3.

After having had great success with the blockbusters Fast and Furious (2001) and Triple X (2002), Vin Diesel was looking for more “serious” projects where he could also show his dramatic talent. This is why he refused to return in the sequel + Fast + Furious (2003), choosing to star in this dramatic revenge thriller from New Line, released the same year. In The Avenger, Diesel plays a policeman at the head of an anti-drug operation, confronting a powerful cartel leader. When his family becomes the target of criminals, he embarks on a personal vendetta. The film is directed by F. Gary Gray, who would later direct the actor in The Fast and Furious 8, fourteen years later.

Where to watch: HBO Max.

Probably the best film and best performance of Vin Diesel’s career, it was a risky bet in his filmography, but it worked out really well, at least in terms of critical prestige. Here, Diesel subverts and deconstructs his character both physically and artistically. Overweight and growing out of his hair, Diesel stars in this true story and has been handpicked by Jackie DiNorscio himself, a gangster who decides to appear in court during a trial. Directed by the iconic Sidney Lumet, this 2006 film works very well as a play, very based on dialogue in rich text. Diesel shows his talent as an actor like never before.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

By now, Diesel had done a bit of everything – from comedies for the whole family (Operation Babysitter, 2005) to intense plays by playwrights like Sidney Lumet. Thus, wishing to further expand its range of performance added to celebrity status, Diesel aimed to acquire new franchises in its repertoire. Thus, a fiction (a genre he loves so much) based on a famous book, in an international production, with Chinese and French artists, seemed to be the ideal request. Sadly, Missão Babylon has lived to become one of the biggest negative examples of what happens when a studio predatorily interferes with a filmmaker’s vision. The studio in the case being the late Fox, known for such actions. It was in this feature film that after many changes by the producers, Diesel made the tongue-in-cheek comment in an interview asking if he was still in the movie.

Where to watch: Telecine.

One of the most obscure films in the filmography of all who participated in it, this war drama was not very successful and in Brazil it reached the video market – before the age of streaming . Released at the end of 2016, the feature even has the pomp of an Oscar and before its premiere it sparked a number of discussions about the awards. All motivated by being the next work of the prestigious Ang Lee after the success of As Aventuras de Pi (2012). Based on a book, the film chronicles the return of a 19-year-old boy to the United States after serving in the Iraq War. Many famous actors make appearances, and Diesel comes across as something of a boy guru, in a moment of motivation.

Another foray by Vin Diesel into the conquest of a new franchise that will belong to him. With a comic book feel, using elements of horror and fantasy, Diesel had more creative control of the project here, as he was also a producer. Comfortable with a material that is fanatic and feels at home, the actor plays in the skin of a former hunter, a kind of mountain dweller, who fights through the ages against the domination of evil on Earth by fighting demonic witches. Although he did not achieve what was expected, there is talk of a possible prosecution. Other than that, Diesel enjoyed working with veteran Michael Caine so much that he’s talking about bringing him into the Fast and Furious franchise.

Where to watch: Telecine Play, Netflix, Amazon

Okay, you might have even heard of this movie, which was supposed to be another hit with Vin Diesel and maybe spawn a franchise of its own. As it turns out, Sony’s Bloodshot turned out to be one of the most unlucky movies of the pandemic era. Or maybe the unlucky one. The point is, the movie debuted just as the pandemic sounded the alarm bells and shut everything down. It was precisely on the weekend of March 13, 2020 that Sony did not give up, deciding not to postpone the debut of its blockbuster, certainly believing that the coronavirus would be just smoke without fire. A mistake. As soon as it opened, everything closed in the United States and around the world, including theaters. So the potential Diesel-led superhero franchise ended up dying on the beach.

Modern video games have become so popular and profitable that several Hollywood A-team stars have joined the market, lending their voices to the characters in these playable stories. A fan of electronic games, star Vin Diesel wasted no time and the same year he returned to the Fast and Furious franchise, to star in the fourth film, the actor also gave the faces – or the voice. – in Wheelman. The truth is, Diesel was seen as the first and only option to star in the film version of the bald hitman game – Assassin 47 (2007), which ended up in the hands of Timothy Olyphant. So, two years later, in 2009, Diesel lent his deep voice to an undercover CIA agent. Maybe one day the actor will be excited to bring the game to the screen and star in the lead.

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