Video review | Loki is fluid between the sexes and the end of the 2nd episode brings a big surprise [SPOILERS]



Editor-in-chief Renato Marafon brings the review of the surprising second episode of ‘Loki’, which featured the villain in the final minutes… and that’s not who you think.


The most recent episode of “Loki” premiered featured a character that audiences believe to be Lady Loki.

This is the fugitive who was being hunted down by agents of Temporal Variance, presented as a variant of Loki at the end of the first episode.

Played by Sophia Di Martino, the character reveals himself to the original god of cheating (Tom Hiddleston) after tricking AVT agents into a plan to break the sacred timeline.

Since the God of Cheating has a fluid genre, maybe that made it seem like this variant would be Lady Loki.

However, the credits for the international versions of the episode indicate that it could be a very different character than fans imagine, and not Lady Loki.

In fact, Di Martino is only credited as The Variant in the English versions, but in the Spanish version she is credited as Sylvie.

In the comic, Sylvie Lushton is a human from Oklahoma who gains magical powers after the Asgardians settle there, naming the town New Asgard.

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With her powers, Sylvie assumes the mantle of Enchantress (identity that belonged to a witch named Amora) and moves to New York to join the Avengers.

But, unbeknownst to Sylvie, her powers were actually given to her by Loki, who loved the idea of ​​creating a mortal who believed herself a goddess because he was bored.

In addition, Lady Loki has black hair like Loki’s, and Sylvie is blonde, just like Di Martino …

And Marvel wouldn’t change Lady Loki’s hair color, as most of the characters in MCu are faithfully adapted to the comics.

Remember that the next episode will be released on June 23.

Created by Michael Waldron, the series is set after the events of the movie “Avengers: Ultimatum,” in which an alternate version of Loki creates a new timeline.

After stealing the Tesseract, an alternate version of Loki is brought to the mysterious Authority of Temporal Variation (AVT), a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space, and oversees the timeline. They give Loki a choice: to be erased from existence to be a “time variant” or to help set the timeline and deter a greater threat. Loki finds himself trapped in his own crime thriller, traveling through time and altering human history.

Tom Hiddleston stars in the production. The cast also includes Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E. Grant.

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