Video Reveals Original Bayonetta Voice Actor Wasn’t Paid Well To Return To Franchise



Bayonetta will have another voice this time in the third game in the series, and now the reason has been revealed, as actress Hellena Taylor, who played the protagonist Cereza in the previous two games, has revealed that Platinum Games and Nintendo don’t only offered US$4,000 (about R$21,300) for her to return at the end of the trilogy.

The news was revealed by the actress herself in a video on Twitter, in which she appears to explain her decision to cast Jennifer Hale in “Bayonetta 3.”

Taylor opens the video by citing that the game franchise has earned around $450 million, not even considering licensed products, and also sharing a bit of its trajectory:

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— Helena Taylor (@hellenataylor) October 15, 2022

“As an actor, I prepared for about seven and a half years. Three years at LAMDA – the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts – and four years with the legendary Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

“How much did they think it was all worth? The final offer I received to make the full game, with no profit sharing, was four thousand dollars. It’s an insult to me, to the time I’ve dedicated to my talents and everything I’ve given to the games and the fans,” Helena said.

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The actress cites that not only was the value non-negotiable, but it wouldn’t include any other type of royalty or additional value – that is, she wouldn’t see a penny more even if Bayonetta 3 became the best-selling game on Nintendo Switch. or the gaming industry as a whole.

‘Bayonetta’, arguably the biggest franchise created by Platinum Games, brings the powerful and sensual witch Bayonetta who, after being imprisoned for 500 years, rebels against the forces of Heaven and Hell.

In the greatest hack and slash style, created by Hideki Kamiya, the same spirit as ‘Devil May Cry’, the game became a huge hit and blossomed into a franchise, later exclusively at Nintendo.

This third game has been eagerly awaited by fans since its announcement in December 2017, during that year’s Game Awards. Since then, not much has been revealed about the title, and this layer of mystery has only heightened the hype among the public.

Recalling that ‘Bayonetta 3’ is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, picking up on the partnership Platinum and Nintendo had for the second title, which originally released for Wii U in 2014.

“Bayonetta 3” will be released on October 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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