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During an episode of Verissimo, a guest expressed intense pain. Presenter Silvia Toffanin was shocked.

Verissimo is one of the most followed and appreciated Channel 5 programs by Italians. It has been broadcast with great success for more than twenty years and since 2006 the regular presenter is Silvia Toffanin, who replaced Paola Perego and Cristina Parodi, the historic face of the show. Soon the Venetian host showed herself to be up to the two colleagues who preceded her and the audiences always proved to be very high.

Silvia Toffanin – Solocine.it

Over the different editions, many personalities have taken their place in the living room of the show. The presenter has always listened with great attention to their testimonies and has always been very impressed and moved. Not long ago, an episode turned out to be very difficult, when a very famous guest said that she felt bad about a certain memory of her life.

In fact, no one expected such a reaction during the story and both the audience and the showgirl were shocked. Moreover, no one could imagine that such a cheerful and carefree character as this guest hid such a sad past. Here is what happened.

Very true, the tears during the interview

We are talking about Tina Cipollari, who recently participated in Verissimo for an interview. However, during Silvia Toffanin’s questions, something went wrong. A memory triggered the historic lady of Men and Women, who broke down in tears, explaining that talking about certain things is very painful and difficult for her.

The well-known contestant of Maria De Filippi’s dating show told about her childhood and the time when she lived in Viterbo with her family. She explained that she came from humble origins and therefore her life, when she was little, was not easy. She talked about her mother, that she was a very strong woman who raised four children while she worked. As she remembered, however, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Tina Cipollari – Solocine.it

“Nobody knows my story before I became a character. I had trouble telling myself, this dive into the past weakened me and made me think of things that I had put aside […] Sorry Silvia, but remembering hurts me. I didn’t want that to happen, I always tried to hide behind the laughter and my mannerisms but… Excuse me”. A truly touching and moving episode of the program.

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