“Venom 2” will have links with “Spider-Man”



The first official trailer for “Venom: Time of Carnage” stunned fans with electrifying action scenes and showcasing the eponymous villain’s eerie visuals in a grand way.

Now, Kevin Feige has revealed that the film will relate to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

“I don’t mean to talk about rumors or speculation about what might or might not happen when it comes to characters that Marvel Studios has yet to put onscreen, but I’ll say what I’ve always said when I “I’ve been at Marvel Studios for 20 years, I wouldn’t rule out anything. I wouldn’t rule out anything. When, how and where isn’t yet known. Any rumor you read online can come up any time between tomorrow and never. . ”He told Rotten Tomatoes.

And amid countless speculation that “Venom” could be directly connected to the “Spider-Man” universe and the MCU, savvy fans have found connections that prove the theories by sharing them on Twitter.

In a quick scene in which the investigator reads the diary, it is possible to notice that the printed vehicle is none other than the Daily Bugle, the same diary that exists in Sam’s film ‘Spider-Man’ (2002). Raimi – and that he brings the clash between villainous Duende Verde and Amigo da Vizinhança in one of the highlights of his post.

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In another quick picture from the newspaper, you can see that there is also an article mentioning the Avengers.

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Recalling that ‘Venom 2 – Tempo de Carnificina’ will premiere in Brazilian theaters on September 16, a week before its opening in the United States.

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Carnage’s host name is Cletus Kassady. Young Cletus was not a good example of his youth, always being cynical, cruel and without good feelings – in short, a true psychopath.

The sequel will bring back Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams as Brock / Venom and Anne Weying, respectively. Woody Harrelson will return as Carnage, while Naomie Harris will play the villainous Shriek.

Introduced in the 1993 comics, Shriek is Carnage’s mistress and is described as a crazed supervillain with psychic abilities and sound manipulation powers that make her the archenemy of any symbiote. She first appeared as one of the patients of the Ravencroft Mental Institute, released by Carnage during her escape.

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