Valerio Scanu, the video of the marriage proposal of his companion



Valerio Scanu literally “killed two birds with one stone” as he went out publicly for the first time and asked his girlfriend to marry him, all with a single video shared on his social page.

The former contestant of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Valerio Scanu, after many years of secrecy about his love life, has finally found the courage to seal the official relationship with his partner, Luigi Calcara, with a ring.

Besides the sweet marriage proposal that left Luigi Calcara speechless, Valerio Scanu finally found the courage to come out and formalize his homosexuality in front of everyone, understanding that there was nothing wrong with that.

What do we know about Valerio Scanu and Luigi Calcara?

Valerio Scanu, born in 1990, is an Italian singer and television personality. If he had some experience in the musical field in the past, fame came with the 2008/2009 edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi, where the Sardinian singer ranked second. From there the road was immediately downhill, thanks to his singing skills, it didn’t take long to get a recording contract with the EMI Music label, which ended in 2013.

Valerio then decided to found his own label, called NatyLoveYou. He participated twice in the Sanremo Festival in 2010 and 2016; it was during his first participation that the singer won with the beautiful song Pour tous les fois que…, he also won several prizes. Among the most important are four Wind Music Awards, a TRL Award and a Venice Music Awards.

If we know a lot about Valerio Scanu as a public figure, we know a lot less about his partner Luigi Calcara. From the few information that emerged from his private social page, we know that Luigi is Sicilian but resides in Rome where he works at La Sapienza University as a lecturer in the Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering. He is 32 years old and has been Valerio’s partner since 2020.

A very romantic video

With a sudden gesture in a room full of friends and relatives, Valerio Scanu suddenly knelt down in front of his partner Luigi Calcara and between the notes of “I will marry you for you” by Eros Ramazzotti asked for the hand of Luigi, with a ring.

Valerio Scanu Solocine.it

Obviously, the affirmative response from a visibly excited Luigi was not long in coming. The video immediately shared by the couple’s best friend on her Instagram profile was literally swinging between her followers.

We also wish him good luck, in an unfortunately sometimes dark world, these romantic gestures are necessary to bring back some light.

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