Valeria Marini confesses her greatest fear: “I thank heaven for having saved her”



Valeria Marini admits her greatest fear: “I thank heaven for having saved him”. After a dark period, she found her smile again

On television and in magazines or in her Stories we always see her smiling, as if life was slipping by without a problem. But in reality Valeria Marini had to face a huge one that could also have changed her life.

Valeria Marini confesses her fear (Instagram)

Last year, after appearing on Big Brother Vip 6 and Supervivientes (the Spanish version of Island of the Famous) she returned home and was accused of health issues. After a series of checks, the diagnosis: she had an emergency operation for a macular hole because of which she risked losing her left eye.

Asked by the weekly “Confidenze”, Valeria admitted that she did not give much weight to this annoyance at the start but fortunately she put herself in good hands and the problem is now solved. “It happens like this, like this. I don’t see the same thing as before. But I thank heaven for having saved it, my eye”.

Valeria Marini confesses her greatest fear: her salvation is in the family

The advice of the doctors but also of his family had been decisive. Her mother, Gianna Orrù, to whom she is bound by a very strong relationship. But also his latest friend, 35-year-old Eddy Siniscalchi (entrepreneur and financial broker) with whom the passion grows day by day.

“I met Eddy a while ago and we had a short flirtation. This summer we met and it was love right away. Although both have eventful lives, with constant movement , we always manage to find a way to be together. Eddy won me over with his intelligence and his sensitivity,” he admitted in the interview. Valeria Marini (Instagram)

Siniscalchi is definitely younger than her, but the difference doesn’t seem to be a problem: “Age is just a number. It’s wonderful, it makes me dream, it calls me ‘my life’. We make love from morning to night, ”admitted Valeria, who is currently one of the candidates for Tale and Quali Show. A strong bond that will lead you to a new marriage after the one with Giovanni Cottone? We will know soon.

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