Valentina Ferragni returns single or maybe not: sensational background on the breakup



Valentina Ferragni returns single or maybe not: sensational background on the breakup. Chiara’s sister already has a new interest

There is no doubt that of the three sisters, it is always Chiara Ferragni who attracts the most attention, not only for her marriage to Fedez. But in recent days, it’s been Valentina Ferragni who has captured all the attention of gossip pundits with an unexpected double whammy.

Valentina Ferragni is back single or maybe not (Instagram)

The first was the sudden and unexpected goodbye to longtime partner Luca Vezil after a nine-year relationship. “After so many years shared – he officially posted – Luca and I have decided to take two separate paths. We grew up together and we will always be united by great affection and respect for who we were. I ask you to understand and respect our decision which, as you can imagine, was so painful”.

We do not suspect it, but now perhaps the contours of this story are beginning to become clearer. Because as revealed by journalist Claudia Cabrini in preview, followed closely by the Instagram page ‘The Pipol Gossip’ at the base of the decision there would be another man.

Valentina Ferragni is back single or maybe not: the track leading to Spain heats up

Valentina Ferragni was only single for a few hours? Actually no, indeed, it may never even have been. Because in his life, according to the rumors of the last few hours, the young Spanish actor Alvaro De Juana has slipped into his life. A name that we know relatively well in Italy for the moment

new entry in the Elite TV series – soon available on the Netflix streaming platform – with the role of Didac. Aged 19, and therefore ten years younger than Valentina Ferragni, de Juana began working at an early age, splitting between television, cinema, theater and dubbing room. In Spain, the great popularity came in 2019, when he worked in the soap opera Amar para siempre.
At the moment there are no official photos or other confirmations of this alleged affair between Valentina Ferragni and Alvaro de Juana. Those directly involved have neither confirmed nor denied. The following on Instagram, by both, is clearly visible, however. Not only that: after announcing the separation from Luca Vezil, Ferragni flew to Madrid, which on Instagram defined her city of hearts. De Juana happens to live in the Spanish capital… Alvaro De Juana, very young Spanish actor (Instagram)

Rumor has it that the spark between Alvaro de Juana and Valentina Ferragni broke out recently in Ibiza, thanks to some mutual friends. On the actor’s Instagram profile there are also photos of Capri taken last summer: Alvaro spent a few days in Italy. Maybe with Ferragni? Will everything be true? For many, the Spaniard may have been the cause that led to the farewell between Chiara and Luca Vezil, after so many years together.

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