‘V/H/S/99’: Anthology Horror becomes the biggest premiere in Shudder history



According to Bloody Disgusting, the horror anthology “V/H/S/99”, which represents the fifth chapter of the franchise, has become the BIGGEST debut in the history of Shudder, an American streaming service focused on productions of the genre.

In the first four days since its launch on the platform, the feature has seen 28% more views than any other production in the streaming catalog.

Horror still represents nearly 22% of VOD streams over the same period, in addition to being the most watched film on AMC+ during the weekend.

Remember that the sixth chapter of the franchise has already been confirmed! The upcoming film will be titled ‘V/H/S/85’, with segments directed by directors David Bruckner (‘Hellraiser’), Scott Derrickson (‘The Black Telephone’), Gigi Saul Guerrero (‘The Macabre Bingo’ ), Natasha Kermani (“Lucky Woman”) and Mike P. Nelson (“Panic in the Woods: The Foundation”).

Have fun watching:

The production includes segments directed by Maggie Levin (“Into the Dark”), Johannes Roberts (“Deep Fear”), Flying Lotus (“Kuso”), Tyler MacIntyre (“The Tragedy Girls”) and Joseph & Vanessa Winter (” Deadstream’).

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