Unveiling Racer Jackets: Styling Tips and Tricks



Racer jackets, also known as moto jackets, are this season’s hottest trend. We have seen them on heaps of celebrities and a vast variety of styles, shapes and colours. These versatile pieces are fun, practical and can jazz up any outfit, so we’re loving the style they radiate. They’re like a modern twist on biker jackets with coloured panels, typography and zips galore. These gorgeous jackets quickly add a dash of cool to almost any outfit.

Here are some styling tips and ideas of what to wear with racer jackets so you can stand out from the crowd:

Match with Denim for an Easy-going Look: For a laid-back, relaxed vibe, match your racer jacket with jeans (for cooler climates) or denim shorts (on sunnier days). Whether you opt for a distressed denim for a tough street look, or you prefer some classic dark Levis for an immortal allure, both options work well and have a give a completely different feel to your style. Complete the outfit with a plain tee and tennis shoes for a casual cool vibe.

Layer over a Dress or Skirt: Add a bit of edge to a ladylike dress or skirt by layering a racer jacket over the top. This juxtaposition of styles makes a stylish and startling look that is ideally suited for day or night. A fitted racer jacket will reign in the volume of a flowy dress or skirt, giving your figure fantastic shaping and sharp shoulders.

A touch of glam: Add a touch of glamour to your racer jacket by pairing it with a mini skirt or pencil skirt. Select unassuming varieties like dark colours, ripped, or plain black for a clean look. Pair with an off the shoulder top and chunky belt worn on the hips, for an effortless boho style. Alternatively don with heels or over the knee boots for something a little edgier, or for a night out on teh town.

Play with Textures: Trial your new look with various textures to add visual appeal to your outfit. Pair a calfskin racer jacket with softened cowhide with velvet bottoms for a sumptuous look. Finish the aesthetic with some platform trainers for every day comfort, perfect for shopping or lunch with friends.

Accessorise: Complete your look with elegant embellishments that complement the intense energy of your racer jacket. Choose straightforward, moderate gems to maintain the emphasis on your racer jacket. We love to pair this with subtle earrings like skinny square hoops or a mid-weight chain necklace.

Enhance your shape: All the racer jackets we have seen are incredibly good at defining your shape. However, racer jackets come in so many forms, therefore consider the length of the jacket in comparison to your body shape and hight. A cropped jacket on a shorter body will add elongation to your look and also draw attention to your legs. A waist length jacket will draw attention to your middle, while a longer fitted racer jacket would be best suited so a heavier body shape.  

Styling racer jackets invite you to add your own pizazz giving you the opportunity to add some freedom to your everyday look. Whether you’re going for an easy-going vibe, or if you prefer something more polished, a racer jacket is a flexible wardrobe staple that can lift any outfit with its timeless style and figure flattering shape. 

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