Union chooses the 10 BEST SCENARIOS of the 21st century; To verify!



The Writers Guild of America has named the 10 BEST Scripts of the 21st Century.

The decision was made following an internal vote by members of the organization. The Top 10 also features other powerful films such as “Parasite” and “Social Network”.

Check out the full Top 10:

To run! Eternal glow of a spotless mind The parasitic social network where the weak have no time Moonlight: under the moonlight Black Blood Inglourious Bastards Nearly Famous Amnesia

The horror script “Run! Was in first position. Released at the 2017 Sundance Festival, the film surprised audiences with a terrifying story that puts racism at the center of the plot.

And with a very low budget of just $ 5 million, the feature film that marks then-comedian Jordan Peele’s directorial debut garnered $ 255 million at the box office and a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The production also received four Oscar nominations, winning the Best Original Screenplay category.

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In “Run!”, Now that Chris and his girlfriend Rose have reached the stage of meeting their parents, she invites him for a weekend in the countryside with Missy and Dean. At first Chris finds their behavior too pleasurable as nervous attempts to deal with his daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses a series of increasingly unsettling findings lead him to a truth. that he could never have guessed.

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