‘Unhuman’: ‘The Body Collector’ Director to Order Blumhouse’s New Horror



According to Deadline, Marcus Dunstan (‘The Body Collector’) has been hired to direct ‘Unhuman’, Blumhouse’s new horror in partnership with EPIX.

The plot will follow a group of students whose school bus breaks down during an excursion. Relationships between the students are put to the test when they realize that they are being pursued by a mysterious invader who intends to bring them out of their bucolic adolescence and lead them directly into a terrifying fight for survival.

The screenplay was written by Paul Soter.

The cast includes Brianne Tju (“Deep Fear: The Second Attack”), Benjamin Wadsworth (“Deadly Class”), Ali Gallo (“The Carpool”) and Uriah Shelton (“Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin”).

The film is part of a partnership between Blumhouse Productions and broadcaster EPIX, which will feature eight original films in the genre.

“Blumhouse has a history of producing high quality content, becoming a powerful force in the genre, and they have been incredible partners for EPIX,” said Network President Michael Wright. “We look forward to working with Jason Blum and his talented team, making the network home to more exclusive content from the production company.”

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