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Unforgettable movie classics that will turn 45 in 2021



The cinema is a real time machine. It is the best way to travel to the past. To revisit an era and what shaped it, that is to say its fashion, its songs, its culture and everything that was part of its construction, defining it in time. Besides serving as a great study for the history of our society itself, after all, it’s about looking at the past that we really learn, being able to evolve and improve, in terms of cinema, it’s about also a great learning exercise. There is still resilience in cinema, which makes some works timeless, resonating through generations, passed on to the youngest, without losing their importance or their value to the fans.

Thinking of precisely such productions that stand the test of time, consistently mentioned as among the most beloved in history for moviegoers of all generations, we bring this nostalgic new subject matter highlighting some films that will turn 45 years old. in 2021, but which have become such strong classics. , which they still remember today on all wheels when the theme is quality cinema. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment on your favorites, the ones you know and have watched.

Rocky – A fighter

Still very present in pop culture, the most famous boxer in cinema celebrates his 45 years since his first appearance on the big screen with Rocky: A Fighter. Many may not remember, or may not know, but the film written and played by star Sylvester Stallone was the big Oscar winner at this year’s ceremony. As well as being the best picture, Rocky also won the Directing (John G. Avildsen) and Editing Awards. Apart from that, he was nominated for sound, song and four actors: Talia Shire (Adrian), Burgess Meredith (Mickey), Burt Young (Paulie) and Rocky Balboa himself, aka Sylvester Stallone – who also been nominated for best screenplay.

45 years ago, dating back to 1976, the dispute for the best films of the time was very fierce. True cinematic legends of the seventh art were started in the period, making the decision of Academy voters one of the most difficult of all time. While many still revere Rocky as one of the best movie productions, so many others see it as an injustice that Stallone’s film won the grand prize that night at the Oscars. This is because they defend tooth and nail the superiority of this taxi driver, Martin Scorsese – considered one of the greatest directors of all time. Big criticism of how society treats and creates emotional instabilities to the point of causing psychopathy to crop up in “the common man”, Taxi Driver is one of the big influences of the recent Joker, who rewarded Joaquin Phoenix.

One of the most talked about movies of early 2021 is undoubtedly the box office hit Godzilla vs Kong, which brings the first full-scale clash between the two most famous (and profitable) movie monsters: the radioactive lizard. Godzilla and the Miracle of Nature King Kong. In this dispute, the second takes the lead in terms of longevity, as the original King Kong is a black-and-white classic that dates back to the early days of cinema, having been released in 1933. Thus, 43 years after its launch, Hollywood is is modernized the classic of the 70s (bringing in the place of the stop-motion, a stuntman dressed in a gorilla costume). The protagonists were two actors at the start of their careers, but who would go on to become two big names in the industry: Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange (in their first work on the screens).

Speaking of classics reformulated for the new times, audiences rocked and fans kept singing Lady Gaga’s song Shallow, a song the star performed in Nasce uma Estrela’s third theatrical adaptation. Meanwhile, in Brazil, we won the Juntos and Shallow Now versions, but there are a few things you better forget. The first Born a Star also dates from the 1930s (1937) and talks about the world of cinema and Hollywood. As well as its 1954 remake, starring the same Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz (1939). It was only here, in this adaptation of 45 years ago, starring Barbra Streisand, that the world of film and acting was changed to the world of music – a storyline that was repeated in Gaga’s film, starring and directed by Bradley Cooper.


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Speaking of popular films that remain embedded in culture, Carrie marks the history of the seventh art with a few elements. The plot of a shy young girl discovering extraordinary gifts of telekinesis, at the same time as she becomes a woman, marked to be the first adaptation of a book by author Stephen King for the cinema. Well, after that we know very well what happened, with the writer becoming one of the most cinematic in literature. Apart from that, Carrie was also the first success of the legendary Brian De Palma (who directs the work), was nominated for two Academy Award for Acting (Sissy Spacek – who lives the protagonist and Piper Laurie – who plays his fanatic mother) and spawned a sequel and two covers.

Speaking of iconic horror movies, we have one that is constantly mentioned when we talk about the best and scariest films of all time. Directed by Richard Donner, whose next film will forever change action-adventure films into a niche of cinema – with Superman: The Movie (1978), Prophecy is one of the hairs on the back of the head with its twists and turns. In the plot, a politician’s wife loses her child in childbirth, so, without telling her, the subject decides to adopt a newborn boy and treat him like the couple’s child. However, when strange events continue to unfold around the boy, his father begins to investigate his dark origin. Prophecy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song and took on the best sound. Other than that, it spawned three sequels and a remake released 30 years later.

Showing that 45 years ago the Oscars edition was one of the most contested in history, with films still constantly remembered for their quality to this day, we have two more examples in the ‘article. When it comes to journalism films and journalistic research, younger generations can instantly think of Spotlight, which won an Oscar in 2016. But 45 years ago there was no mention of films other than these two. the. The first is Rede de Intrigas (Network), who uncovers the perverse machinations of a major television network only seeking high audiences, no matter what the cost. The film 4 important Oscars (3 for the game and the screenplay) and 6 other nominations, including that of the best film.

The second is this one, based on the true story of the investigative journalism that toppled Richard Nixon’s presidency, in the Watergate (and Deep Throat) scandal, couple Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman – two of the big names. of cinema – play journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in one of the most beloved films of the seventh art. All of the President’s Men won 4 Oscars, out of 8 for which he was nominated, becoming the second major Oscar-nominated journalism film that year.

Clint Eastwood is a true treasure of world cinema. The veteran began his career in the 1950s, and by the 1960s he would be famous for the western spaghetti he performed in. Over the next decade, he brought one of his most striking seventh art characters to life, Dirty Harry, the hard-line cop who inspired all the action heroes of the 1980s, see Stallone and Schwarzenegger. And 45 years ago, Dirty Harry arrived at his third film with The Fearless of Death (The Enforcer). The idea behind this Dirty Harry 3 was to make the ‘dirty’ macho man work alongside a ‘little woman’, the ‘sweet’ police officer Kate Moore (played by Tyne Daly) – thus forming an unusual pair that would serve a model for Boyfriend movies and their dysfunctional partnerships.

Speaking of veterans immortalized in the film pantheon, the late Sean Connery passed away recently. The star, who will be forever remembered for the role of 007 – James Bond, has done a bit of everything on screens and brought some of popular culture’s most iconic characters to life. Among them lived a 45-year-old Robin Hood, in the movie Robin and Marian – more focused on the romance between the hero and his undying love, Lady Marian, than on the action and adventure that is usually associated with it. to the character. But not only, because the film marked the return to the screens of a true Hollywood first lady, Audrey Hepburn, after a hiatus of almost 10 years. Rounding out the main trio, Robert Shaw played the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham – thus reiterating the antagonism with Connery of Moscow Contra 007 (1963).

Directed by controversial and prestigious filmmaker Roman Polanski, this is the third film in his so-called Apartment trilogy – which also includes the works Repulsa ao Sexo (1965) and The Baby of Rosemary (1968), the second still considered by many of the greatest masterpieces of terror. With no apparent connection to each other, aside from the fact that the protagonists are psychologically shaken and storylines take place in apartments, each of these three films deals with a different theme and story. In The Tenant, Polanski himself plays the role of a shy bureaucrat who rents an apartment in Paris where the former resident committed suicide. Gradually, he begins to find the behavior of his neighbors strange, at the same time as he questions his own sanity.

Poking fun at the suspense classics, this text-based film by Neil Simon plays with the most famous elements of the genre’s sums books like Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett and Earl Derr Biggers. So, on a dark and rainy night, some guests arrive to spend the night in a very suspicious mansion. Their host is unknown to everyone, however, they accept the challenge in order to prove themselves invincible in the art of deducing and investigating the great mysteries, as they are all professional detectives. The characters, in the form of a tribute, are all based on icons of detective literature, created by the aforementioned authors. In this way, characters like Sam Spade, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Charlie Chan and the couple Nick and Nora Charles saw Sam Diamond (Peter Falk), Milo Perrier (James Coco), Miss Marbles (Elsa Lanchester), Sidney Wang (Peter Sellers), Dick Charleston (David Niven) and Dora Charleston (Maggie Smith). The renowned cast also includes Truman Capote and Alec Guinness (the eternal Obi Wan Kenobi).

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