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Understanding the Major Complications Associated with Dog Bites in Milwaukee



Dog Bites

Dogs are friendly animals, making them man’s best friend. Nonetheless, these canine friends can also pose great danger, primarily when humans threaten them. Dog bites are common, with many Milwaukee health facilities treating many victims. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the repercussions and complications you can associate with these attacks. Some bites are mild, while others are pretty severe. No matter the case, you should know about the main dog bite complications, considering that some can be fatal if left untreated. The points below unwrap the complications to paint a clear picture.


Sepsis falls among the most common complications that dog bite victims suffer after their horrible ordeal. Nonetheless, although sepsis is a possible outcome, it only results from dog bite wounds left untreated for extended periods. Unattended wounds have higher infection rates, causing this harsh reaction to such infections.

Unfortunately, sepsis is more severe than many assume and can also be fatal at its worst. A dog attack attorney in Milwaukee can explain this phenomenon better. Some critical sepsis signs to watch out for include too high or too low body temperature, excruciating pain and discomfort, confusion, and elevated daytime sleepiness levels. In the same breath, you should consider visiting a health practitioner because all these signs and symptoms could also result from other health conditions, such as malaria.


Capnocytophaga is one of the possible complications that many dog attack victims experience after their sour experience with canines. This condition entails infected wounds from a dog bite, especially on the hands or legs. Capnocytophaga has several symptoms, which become apparent between one and 14 days after the bite. These symptoms may include but are not limited to oozing wounds, swelling and redness around the wound, vomiting, diarrhea, and joint discomfort and pain.

These symptoms are just the basic ones. Untreated Capnocytophaga infection complications can have more severe results, including gangrene, kidney failure, and heart attack. Unfortunately, a lack of a spleen, excess alcoholism, immune system-related health conditions, and cell-damaging treatments like chemotherapy are the leading factors that enhance the infection risk. Luckily, there’s no cause for alarm regarding Capnocytophaga infections, considering their treatment can be as simple as an antibiotic prescription.


Dog bites cause wounds that break up your skin, exposing it to harmful agents. Tetanus bacteria fall among these agents that can get into your body through a dog bite wound. Sadly, people don’t understand the severity of a tetanus infection. You must seek immediate medical attention if you notice any tetanus infection symptoms. Some of the first signs to check include stiff muscles, cramping jaws, and stomach muscle spasms.

Timely medical attention can treat these symptoms and get you out of the tetanus bacteria-related dangers. The medications you can expect include receiving a tetanus vaccine and an antibiotic prescription. Visiting a professional doctor increases the chances of receiving the correct remedy for your tetanus infection.


Rabies is yet another infection that one can get when bitten by a dog with this condition. The best thing is that not all dog bites result in rabies unless the canine that bites you has rabies. The most common signs and symptoms of rabies include weakness, itchiness, prickliness around the wound, and flu-like signs like persistent headaches and fever.

Delayed treatment and medical attention make rabies fatal. If you think the dog that attacked you has rabies, visiting a medical facility is advisable. Alternatively, consider getting a post-exposure rabies vaccination.

Dog bite complications result from exposure to infections that enter the body through the wound that the dog inflicts on your body. However, you may not understand what to do without adequate information regarding these infections. Home remedies, such as washing and covering wounds, can be effective, but you should also consider visiting a doctor. 

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