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‘Tyson’: Jamie Foxx to be Mike Tyson in new miniseries produced by Martin Scorsese



The tumultuous life of boxer Mike Tyson will win a new biographical mini-series, starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as the fighter. Entitled “Tyson,” the production will feature Martin Scorsese as executive producer.

The project, which will be a licensed biopic, will still feature Mike Tyson among producers and explore the ups and downs of the boxer’s personal life and career.

In an official statement, Tyson reflected on the upcoming miniseries, sharing his desire to tell his own story through art:

“I have been thinking about telling my story for a long time. With the recent launch of Legends Only League and the excitement of the fans followed by my return to the ring, I think now is the perfect time. I look forward to being able to collaborate with Martin, Antoine, Jamie and the entire creative team, to bring audiences a series that not only captures my professional and personal journey, but which inspires and will also be good entertainment ”.

‘Tyson’ does not yet have a release date.

It should be remembered that the Hulu platform is developing its own unauthorized mini-series about the boxer, titled “ Iron Mike ”.

The production will consist of eight episodes and will be created by Steven Rogers, the same screenwriter behind the Oscar nominated biopic “Me, Tonya”.

Enjoy watching:

Karin Gist will be the showrunner of ‘Iron Mike’, in addition to assuming the role of executive producer alongside Claire Brown, as well as alongside the team responsible for ‘I, Tonya’: Steven Rogers, director Craig Gillespie , Bryan Unkeless, Scott Morgan, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley and Brett Hedblom.

Shortly after the mini-series was announced, boxer Mike Tyson issued a note of disapproval to the streaming service, accusing it of racism. Through his official Instagram account, the former athlete expressed his displeasure with “ Iron Mike ”:

“Hulu’s announcement to make an unauthorized miniseries of Tyson’s story without compensation, while unfortunate, is not surprising. This announcement in the wake of social disparities in our country is a prime example of how Hulu corporate greed has led to this hijacking of Tyson’s life story. Making this announcement during Black History Month only confirms Hulu’s concern about respecting the rights of black stories. Hollywood needs to be more sensitive to the experiences of blacks, especially after everything that happened in 2020 ”.

Make sure to watch:

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