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Types of Weather Stripping



Weather Stripping

A straightforward and affordable way to make your house more energy efficient is to fix or replace any broken weatherstripping. If the weather stripping on your windows, doors, and other areas around your home is old, damaged, or not there, cool air can leak out in the summer, and hot air can leak out in the winter. Knowing the different kinds of weatherstripping and how to install it can make your home up to 20% more energy efficient. When it comes to winter home projects that pay off, this one does. Read more about it.

Types of Weather stripping 

When planning how to make your home more energy efficient, you should think about the different kinds of weatherstripping. Many materials and styles are used to make weatherstripping, and each has its uses, pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the most popular weatherstripping types and what they’re used for.

Felt Weather stripping 

Traditional felt weatherstripping is among the most affordable materials for securing doors and windows. It is supplied either plain or reinforced with a malleable metal strip and is simple to install. Unfortunately, it exhibits the lowest level of effectiveness and durability.

Utilize it to seal openings around your home with no significant movement and adhere to windows that are not regularly opened. If this is your chosen way, choose a felt made entirely of wool, which is more durable than other forms of weatherstripping felt.

Foam Weather stripping 

As an example of compressive weatherstripping, foam weatherstripping is available in adhesive form or is affixed to metal or wood segments for reinforcement. Foam tape is an excellent option for gaps and irregularly shaped corners. Weatherstripping made of reinforced polystyrene is ideal for frequently used doors and windows. Although tape is more straightforward to apply, its durability could be better. Although somewhat more difficult to implement, the reinforced variant lasts longer.

Frost-Brake Threshold Weatherstripping 

A thermal bridge, a substantial threshold, facilitates the transmission of heat or cold from the exterior to the interior. Despite their extreme durability, metal thresholds function as effective thermal bridges. Currently, efficiency is not a desirable quality. They may become cooled enough during the winter for water to condense and solidify on them, causing physical damage and mildew.

Frost-brake thresholds include vinyl or silicone inserts to create a physical barrier inside the solid material. It prevents heat or cold from moving through the opening. Although it takes skills to install them, it could be helpful if you live in a region prone to experiencing temperature changes.

Door Sweep Weatherstripping 

Door sweeps are two methods that may be used to close up the space between a door and the ground. A door shoe is an attachment that wraps around the base of the door and is formed of a U-shaped piece of metal with a vinyl insert placed within it. A door sweep is a strip built of metal and is fitted with a nylon blade. It is designed to be attached to the outside of a door.

Both options are long-lasting, although installing them may be difficult for specific individuals. If you want the door to open and close smoothly without becoming stuck, remove it from its hinges and then plane it down to create space for the weatherstripping. It will allow the door to move more freely. It will prevent the door from becoming stuck and enable it to move freely.

Rolled-Vinyl Gasket Weatherstripping 

Whether flexible or rigid, roll vinyl gaskets are an excellent choice for door jambs, window stops, door bottoms, and window sashes. They are a weather-resistant and resilient alternative. Concerning the installation process for weatherstripping, the rolls are straightforward to unwind and apply. Additionally, it is a rationally priced option.

A disadvantage of these weatherstripping types is that the material remains visible once installed. Additionally, the adhesive may degrade, and the material may peel away with time.

Pile Weatherstripping 

Pile weatherstripping is made up of thick fibers that are connected to a metal strip. Most of the time, they are used in sliding glass doors and windows. They are hard to secure in place, tend to get dirty, and can come loose over time. They are practical, though, when installed and maintained correctly.

Tension Seal Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping of this type is manufactured from aluminum, vinyl, or stainless steel. Forming a compact closure, the material is folded into a V-shape, producing spring-like tension when compressed. It is additionally referred to as V-strip or V-channel weatherstripping due to its shape. This almost invisible, long-lasting alternative is effective at sealing doors and windows. Proper installation does require some experience and may complicate the process of closing and opening windows and doors.

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