Two Bespoke Aircraft Match Millionaire’s Custom Bentley Bacalar



As with most pairings, subtlety is key.
Photo: Bentley

What would you say is the ultimate display of wealth? Is it designing and building your own luxury home? Heading to your local auction house and bidding on, and winning, an ultra-rare supercar? Well, for one aspiring billionaire, the ultimate display of wealth is matching your fleet of private aircraft with your bespoke Bentley.

The Bentley in question is the Bacalar, which was first unveiled by the British marque back in 2020 as the ultimate coachbuilt grand tourer. Now, the owner of one of these cars has worked with Bentley’s Mulliner Design team to match their private plane and helicopter with the car.

Which would you take for a spin?
Photo: Bentley

According to Bentley, the trio of expensive toys is owned by “aviation entrepreneur,” and Flexjet owner, Kenn Ricci – who is reportedly worth around $300 million.

Ricci loved the dark green finish and two-tone leather interior of his Bacalar so much that he copied the look across his Gulfstream G650 private jet and Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. The two aircraft feature silver and green liveries on the exterior, rather than a full matching julep green paint scheme. Because subtlety is key here, obviously.

Inside, the aircraft both come with custom seats that have been inspired by the car’s upholstery. This includes a copperhead shape and basket weave stitching, as well as linen and beluga leather trim on the seats in both the Gulfstream G650 and Sikorsky S-76.

Photo: Bentley

There’s also wood paneling in both aircraft that has been designed to replicate the 5,000-year-old reclaimed riverwood that Bentley says forms the handcrafted veneer of the Bacalar. The private aircraft also come with bronze touch points, such as door handles and fittings throughout the cabin.

Funnily enough, the matching aircraft have been completed and delivered before Ricci takes delivery of his own Bacalar. Bentley says that his model is still receiving its finishing touches, so the car seen here is another example finished in the same julep exterior green color.

The aircraft seats were finished before the car’s.
Photo: Bentley

If you want to see these aircraft for yourself, they’ll be joining the Flexjet fleet to be on hand to whisk you and your richest friends away wherever you want at a moment’s notice.

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