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“Twitter only has a week to live”, it’s chaos on social networks: has Elon Musk ruined everything?



What is happening within Twitter after the arrival of Elon Musk is tragic: what will be the next steps?

After CEO Tesla took over the blue social network, things have changed drastically and chaos reigns. It’s not news to everyone that the new owner has decided to lay off many employees and toughen the rules.

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Chaos erupts on Twitter. Many employees of the company were dismissed by decision of Elon Musk himself because he was accused of rejecting the new owner. What happens in the first weeks of investigation on the social network is absurd: never something like this has been seen before. The CEO of Tesla is facing a real crisis, but he does not seem particularly worried: he himself continues to tweet the current situation of the company.

To make matters worse, there is the fact that Elon Musk decided to dismiss without distinction of seniority within the same company, not even by doing it in person or by delegating someone humanely, but with a simple leave email stating that the employee’s behavior to date has violated company policy. So far, about twenty employees have had to say goodbye to the company.

Are Elon Musk’s days numbered? In the meantime, a new Twitter is wanted

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Everyone who has remained as company employees so far has received another email asking them to agree to work harder or quit by a specified date and time. What is happening within the company is particularly worrying for those who frequently visit the social network itself, who in the meantime look around. Hundreds of people decided to rebel against this new company policy and therefore quit their jobs, all Twitter offices were abruptly closed, at least temporarily, and access badges were deactivated.

Elon Musk fears an internal revolt could self-sabotage the company he has become the owner of. We now think that Twitter, without the support, especially technical, of the hundreds of people who have worked there for years, could collapse. According to an employee, Twitter is only a week old.

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