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Twitter owner Elon Musk has launched a poll. Users can decide whether Donald Trump, former US president renamed for the 2024 presidential elections, can once again have an account on the platform.

Musk has owned the social network since last October, after the “buy of the century”: he paid $44 billion to take over Twitter, promising sweeping changes to the framework and features of social media. And create a lot of tension at the same time. These days, the news of the massive resignations of many employees, frightened by the ultimatums of the new management of the company that demand total commitment to work or, on the contrary, to leave the work to others. This aspect is in addition to the massive layoffs that have already taken place: thousands of employees, or about half of the 7,500 in total, have been sent home without too many compliments.

Elon Musk. Photo Ansa/EPA Christian Marquardt

While it is true that Twitter, like other social networks, is going through a difficult phase from an economic and financial point of view, Elon Musk’s moves have taken their toll. A good number of users have started to “switch” to Mastodon, and now comes the “referendum”, wanted by Musk. This is a public poll on the restoration of the profile of former US President Donald Trump. The Twitter boss said the outcome will determine the final decision by writing in Latin “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (voice of the people, voice of God) on his account. The poll has already exceeded three million votes in just one hour. 56.7% of voters are in favor, while the remaining 43.3% are against Trump’s return to the platform.

Twitter and Musk’s “vivacity”

Twitter allows the user to customize the time allowed to answer the question. However, Elon Musk kept the default option of 24 hours to participate. Trump’s profile on the Blue Bird social network was suspended after the seizure of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, when a mob of ultranationalists stormed the United States Capitol in an attempt to prevent the handover of the power to President-elect Joe Biden, believing that the election was rigged.

Trump with former first lady Melania. Photo Ansa/Epa Cristobal Herrera

But it won’t close

Meanwhile, yesterday, November 18, the #Riptwitter hashtag was all the rage. Indeed, the rumors do not stop at the assumption that the social network will close its doors in a week. Which, what, rather unlikely, if not impossible. For his part, Elon Musk had sarcastically spiced up the situation. “We hit another Twitter usage record,” he wrote. Before posting a pirate flag, with a skull on the classic black drape. And a meme that alluded to his network partner’s funeral. Hence the new message: “A record number of users are tuning in to see if Twitter is dead and, ironically, they’re making Twitter more alive than ever.”

Overnight protests at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. “Projection activist” Alan Marling hid outside the office and started projecting writing on the walls, including “This is proof Musk is an idiot”, or “Stop Toxic Twitter or “Free Hate Speech”. Photo Twitter/Read Jackson Rising by @Cooperation

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