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Twitch Streamer Mizkif Net Worth, Career, and More Explored



Mizkif’s Net Worth

Mizkif is a well-known Twitch streamer, famous for his conversation streams and video game skills. He has been on Twitch for a long time, and his full name is Matthew Rinaudo. At the moment, Mizkif is using the YouTube profiles ‘Mizkif’ and ‘MizkifToo.’

The broadcaster has around 2 million Twitch followers in addition to around 900k subscribers on the main YouTube channel. Mizkif was a founder member of the video game group ‘One True King.’ 

In a live stream, he disclosed that he had ADHD. Therefore, many of his followers are curious to know what exactly is Mizkif’s net worth. Let’s take an insight into Matthew’s net worth.

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Mizkif’s Net Worth Revealed

Mizkif’s net worth is quite high. It’s around $1.5 million at the moment. This much earnings has come through his many ventures for success, including Twitch, YouTube, and more. Mizkif receives most of his income from Twitch, where he has more than 2 million followers and over 10,000 subscribers.

On top of that, Mizkif’s two YouTube channels bring in about 20–25 million views per month. A range of commercial partnerships and sponsors are anticipated for the streamer; rumors have it a gaming company supports him. All this just keeps on adding to Mizkif’s earnings.

Mizkif Net Worth

Mizkif’s Career Explored

Mizkis’s career is quite social media-based. He earns money through the streams and lives that he does with video games. The Mizkif YouTube channel has over 10 million views per month, according to sources. In September 2022, Mizkif said on a livestream that he made about $110,000 on Twitch the same year.

The streamer continued, stating that because he didn’t stream as frequently as usual, the number was at the extremely low end of his This sum does not include any. Any potential revenues from further brand partnerships or regular sum. However, Mizkif’s Twitch stats declined in 2022 as a result of his involvement in several disputes.

This includes many Twitch suspensions since the beginning of 2023 and an alleged sexual assault. This has also cost him the loss of several sponsorships, including a big South Arabian country. Though he has suffered setbacks, it’s quite evident that he’s still earning quite a lot of money.

Mizkif’s Net Worth Revealed

A Look At Mizkif’s Lifestyle

Mizkif has had quite a life, and with being only 26 years old, he has a bright future ahead. Mizkif’s lifestyle is average and not full of luxurious things. He was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, however, he was raised in Montclair, New Jersey. Maya Higa, a wildlife rehabilitator and Twitch streamer, and Mizkif have been together for a while.

2019 witnessed the two dating and they are frequently featured on each other’s social media posts. Few details are available on the sort of expenses Mizkif faces. He resides in Austin, Texas, and has previously taken part in several charitable endeavors.

In September 2020, Mizkif also shared a ‘house tour’ on social media. He presently resides with a few of his pals. All this has pointed towards him stagnating, although he still might have big projects on hand with his age and skills.


Mizkif’s net worth is the result of his hard work. He has earned this through his talent for video game endeavors. His followers are quite fond of him. What are your thoughts about the streamer? Let us know in the comment box. 

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