Tu Si Que Vales, nobody knew: who Giovannino really is – VIDEO



Who is Giovannino di Tu Si Que Vales really? Here are some details of Sabrina Ferilli’s heckler that emerged that no one knew about.

While on November 5, Tu Si Que Vales had beaten everyone in the public contest, on the evening of November 12, there was an incredible “draw” with Dancing with the stars. The programs of Maria De Filippi and Milly Carlucci obtained 26% television share. During the Canale 5 evening, Gerry Scotti was also moved.

Tu Si Que Vales, Giovannino is the character that children particularly like (photo © Mediaset).

During the semi-final, in fact, the famous presenter of Mediaset wanted to take a moment to remember Piero Sonaglia, the studio assistant of Fascino, the production house of Maria De Filippi. Gerry Scotti stopped a few times out of emotion, and all the judges stood up to applaud and remember the collaborator who left us.

Who is Giovannino and what he did before he came to TV

For several years, at Tu Si Que Vales, there has been Giovannino, the official troublemaker of Sabrina Ferilli. He is the most beloved character by children, but even the older ones gladly use him for their memes. Truth be told, there is also a slice of detractors for the character, who is seen as a distraction from the Tu Si Que Vales contest.

Tu Si Que Vales, Gerry Scotti is moved: the memory of the recently deceased colleague (photo Instagram).

Many have always wondered who Giovannino was, and especially what his real face was. You will be surprised to discover that the identity is in no way hidden. The troublemaker of Tu Si Que Vales is called Giovanni Iovino. He began his career as an animator in tourist villages, then he acquired various experiences in theater and television.

What Giovanni Iovino does in addition to Tu Si Que Vales: the video in disco

Giovannino is 27 years old and comes from Naples. Together with his brother Antonio Iovino, he is part of the theater company Pipariello di Nola. He also got a role in Gomorrah, in Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone and Napoli veiled by Ferzan Ozpetek. He has also participated in various commercials, on and off television. Who is Giovannino di Tu Si Que Vales? You would never have guessed it (Instagram photo).

What many may not have expected is that the interpreter of Giovannino would also do the evenings in the discotheque, where he is cheered on by the jubilant crowd. In the video below, you can see him at the Hub Space Club in Sant’Altimo in Campania dancing in front of the ecstatic audience dressed in a white suit.

Here is a nice video of Giovannino behind the scenes of Tu Si Que Vales:

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