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Tu Si Que Vales, do you understand who Giovannino is? He is the very good actor



Who is the actor behind the stage costume of little Giovannino di Tu Si Que Vales, better known as the tireless persecutor of the beautiful Sabrina Ferilli who has to endure her constant harassment again this year?

In the edition of Tu Si Que Vales still in progress, a very sympathetic and decidedly very picturesque character named Giovannino still makes us laugh out loud, which has given rise to hilarious gags – it’s the least we can say – in the company of the splendid juror of the popular jury, which is so popular with Italians of all ages. But do you know who is hiding behind his stage costume?

Who is Giovannino really?Giovannino Tu Si Ques Vales

A brand new edition of Tu Si Que Vales has just started a few weeks ago and continues to meet with great success as it greatly entertains Italian families. Queen Mary often indulges in endless jokes, especially with her longtime friend Sabrina Ferilli who for some time has had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with her on various shows. And it is precisely the latter who has been targeted since the beginning of last season by a nice, very nasty jammer who literally makes adults and children laugh out loud.

Who is the red dwarf?

His name is Giovannino. But who is hiding behind the famous red dwarf? A very young actor, not even 30 years old, named Giovanni Iovino, originally from Naples, who also held various roles on the big screen. One of all? The mask of Pulcinella in Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone.

Title 2

But – in fact – we also saw it in some commercials and in the third season of Gomorrah. Among other things, he is also part of a Nola theater company called Pipariello di Antonio Esposito, where he works with his brother Andrea. However, Giovanni made his debut in the labor sector not as an actor, but as an animator in tourist villages. And it is a profession that he exercised for five years, then headed, as already said, to the cinema.

Very active on social networks, especially on Instagram and on Tik Tok, where he publishes many very hilarious videos of his characters, including the very commented Giovannino, the artist is very, very followed and loved by the general public, which has began to appreciate him more and more after his appearance in Tu Si Que Vales which is still today one of the most popular shows among the general public.

Who is Giovannino really?Giovannino with and without his famous stage costume from Tu Si Que Vales

And it is for this reason that, as many have thought for the last few months, it has also been fully reconfirmed in the new current edition, obviously for the terror of Sabrina Ferilli, who received a cake to celebrate the final of the last season 70 days of their acquaintances. A knowledge that has all the letters of nobility to be able to last a long, very long time. The Roman actress has been warned!

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