“Trussardi hears a lady of men and women”, explosive gossip: was the Hunziker just an illusion?



Aren’t Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi really trying? Bombshell gossip sees the entrepreneur write to a lady of men and women

It seems that there is no backfire between the two, but rather that together they make good parents, because since the last it seems that he senses a familiar face from Maria De Filippi’s program.

January 2017: Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi together at a business dinner (Instagram photo).

In an instant, rumors that Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi were together again were quashed. In recent weeks, in fact, with some paparazzi and rumors, we have come to think that the couple could be present again, but it is more likely that the two behave like excellent parents of Sole and Celeste.

To reshuffle all the cards, it’s Amedeo Venza who often sees us for a long time and who dropped the gossip bomb: “Michelle denies the return with Trussardi? Well, he writes to several women, including a former lady of the finished Throne”. The gossipparo is very close to the world of Men and Women, having many friends in the middle, it is therefore difficult for him to tell invented stories.

Tomaso Trussardi is a former lady of men and women: who is she?

Men and women (Facebook)

Who could be the lady next to Tomaso Trussardi? It’s hard to give a name seen and considered in the past for Maria De Filippi’s dating show, but a clue might be given by the dear bond Amedeo Venza has with ex-lady Pamela Berretta, even s This is just a hypothesis. Meanwhile, as the gossip pointed out, Michelle Hunziker, in her own way, also denied what had been published in the magazines in recent days by writing: “I read the newspapers these days” and showing herself with an expression somewhat amused. .

However, there are also those who believe that it was Trussardi himself who rules the game and having imposed a rigid behavior in their relationship on Hunziker who would have willingly agreed in order to save their marriage at the last minute.

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