Trendiest Women’s Hairstyles to Try in 2023 and their Complementary Glasses



A new haircut has the potential to change the way you feel and look. It is an instant way to freshen up your appearance and get a major confidence boost. But, despite such a swift game-changer, many women, including myself, are intimidated by the prospect of getting the hair snipped and opting for a fun hairstyle. But, all these apprehensions vanish in a jiffy when you know about the trendiest hairstyles of the season and easy-peasy ways to accessorise them. In this blog, we will check out some practical yet trendy hairstyles and the best women’s glasses to pair them with!

Trendiest Ladies’ Hairstyles of 2023 and the Best Women’s Glasses to Pair Them With

The current hairstyle trends are more inclined towards elements that are easy to style and handle and classically gorgeous. As people are gradually getting back to their offices and normal lives, easy updos that still put-together. Voluminous, classy looks with modern twists and layers are what we are talking about. Now, after a long build-up, let us check out some trendy hairstyles and women’s glasses that perfectly complement them.

  1. Tousled or Messy Lob

The tousled lob hairstyle is easy to follow and incredibly flattering. The lob length offers the best of both worlds,  as it combines the glamorous edge of a short crop and the flexibility of longer locks. Just imagine the tousled lob look to be the ‘bedhead’ hairdo, but just strategically messy, carefully curled for a bouncy look, and with natural tangents to radiate a carefree feel. Want to know the best women’s glasses for a tousled lob? Well, why not elevate the blithe aura with tinted spectacles in an oval or aviator silhouette?

  1. Classy Cropped Cuts

In 2023, short haircuts are a raging trend. The quintessential bobs are getting shorter with square and boxy lengths. The French Girl bob is another classy cropped haircut that is receiving a much-deserved revival this year. With additional layers and  copious amounts of movement made easy from internet layerings coupled with curtain bangs, the French Girl bob is perfect to exude the ‘cool girl’ aura. You can also style the French bob in a sleek look with hair gel and some leave-in conditioner for a more put-together and black-tie appearance. And when we talk about glasses that go well with the French bob, cat-eye frames are the perfect fit!

  1. Straight Middle-parted Hair in Medium or Long Length 

Another trendy hairstyle of 2023 that you can try out is the centre-parted hair in medium or mermaid (long). The hairstyle is inspired by the 1970s look and has been seen by many celebrities, such as Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian. It is a classy hairdo that highlights your most beautiful features. Besides, getting the middle-parted hairstyle is easy to achieve, and all you need is a flat iron and a smooth hair oil. The best women’s glasses to flaunt with the middle-parted hair is a sleek metal-framed spectacle or a transparent monocle. They keep the distraction to the minimum and ensure that the full focus of the onlooker is on your beautiful features.

  1. French Twists

The fourth trendiest hairstyle of 2023 is the very sophisticated and chic – French Twist. Celebrity hairstylists believe that modern French twists with curled strands pinned to the top of the head are bound to make you look ultra-modern and uber-classy. Of course, at first glance, the French Twist may seem like a very complicated hairdo, but some practice is all you need to ace the look. 

Take your favourite lightweight hairspray and spritz it at the roots and throughout your locks before brushing the hair up into a ponytail or bun for a more secure hold. And, when we talk about the best women’s glasses for a French Twist hairstyle, metal glasses in a moderately-sized rectangular frame are perfect!

  1. The Rachael Hairstyle

Last but not least, the Rachel hairstyle is also witnessing a revival in 2023. Popularised by Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character – Rachel – on the American TV show ‘FRIENDS,’ the look was phenomenally loved in the 1990s. With the resurgence of the 1990s beauty trends everywhere, it is understandable the Rachel Green haircut is having a big moment again this season. The look features a layered and voluminous shoulder-length cut with shorter pieces around the face. It is low maintenance but equally magnificent. And, if you are looking for eyeglasses that go well with the haircut, then retro frames will do the trick.

Wrapping It Up

So, there we have it, the top 5 trendiest hairstyles of 2023 and the women’s glasses that pair best with them!

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