“Treated like a criminal”, a new storm hits Rai: the confessions



New declarations make Rai tremble. There’s definitely a lawsuit going on and an apology from the host

It is obvious that apologies are not enough and that Rai intends to go through with the conductor after his gesture. Shortly after what happened, the person concerned comes back to talk about what happened.


A little less than a month ago, Memo Remigi found himself in the eye of the storm for the accusation of harassment against his colleague Jessica Morlacchi. It all started by sharing a piece of the transmission on Twitter Today is another day, in which the conductor can be clearly seen groping his colleague’s B-side, while Serena Bortone welcomed the stable affections, the guests and the public.

From that moment, Memo Remigi was suspended from the show and by Rai himself for the gesture that was strongly criticized even by public opinion. Joined by Maria Volpe for Corriere della Sera, the singer-songwriter confessed: “The gesture – although with playful intent – was totally wrong and should not be done. I apologized and I repeat it here. Sorry for Jessica Morlacchi, sorry for Serena Bortone, sorry for Rai. However, I did not expect such a reaction and especially in this way. After 50 years of career, I learned of my dismissal from the show, listening to Serena Bortone live”.

Memo Remigi is certain: without the Internet, nothing would have happened to him

Memo Remigi (AnsaFoto)

Memo Remigi replied in the affirmative when Corriere della Sera asked him if, in his opinion, his gesture would have gone unpunished if it had not gone viral on social networks, but he also realized the seriousness of it, whether it was seen or not. per person. . In the meantime, however, the conductor has protected himself by hiring a lawyer, Giorgio Assumma, who is an expert when it comes to the world of entertainment.

Does Memo Remigi intend to sue Rai? His answer is eloquent: “At the moment, it is impossible for me to prosecute Rai, even though I have been treated as a criminal. Contract terminated without even being heard. That said, I violated the code of ethics and I accept the consequences. I turned to the lawyer Assumma to protect me from possible defamation campaigns”.

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