“Totti wrote to me”, Antonella Fiordelisi shocks everyone: bomb at GF Vip – VIDEO



Yesterday, Antonella Fiordelisi revealed that she had spoken with Francesco Totti: the admission that left everyone in shock.

During yesterday’s Big Brother Vip live broadcast, Antonella Fiordelisi revealed that she exchanged messages with Francesco Totti. The news has also taken the direction of reality TV off guard: the confessions.

The reality contestant’s unexpected confession (via WebSource)

During the day yesterday, Antonella Fiordelisi mentioned Francesco Totti again, dropping a real bombshell. Indeed, the influencer wanted to evoke the former captain of Rome who is going through a more than stormy separation with his ex-wife Ilary Blasi. At that time, the young woman was on the sofa talking with Giaele De Donà and Edoardo Donnamaria in the bedroom, she was hypothesizing a possible name to give to a future son.

The game itself took an unexpected turn with the fencer claiming to have been contacted by the former Roma captain. During the conversation, the cameras quickly turned away and came as Giaele imagined a future beyond the show between Antonella and Edoardo. So began the toto names on an unlikely love fruit between the two. At that moment came the unexpected confession for housemates and viewers.

GF Vip 7, Antonella Fiordelisi confesses: “Totti wrote to me”

antonella: “totti wrote to me”

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Among the names that emerged was that of Francesco, with Edoardo wanting to add “Totti”. And that’s when Fiordelisi comments: “Totti wrote to me! “. The young woman immediately realized the weight of the exteriorization and put her hand to her mouth, then buried herself in Donnamria’s chest with embarrassment, who exclaimed: “That’s not true!”. In an amen, Antonella’s statements went viral. Many users began to speculate about what the former captain of Rome wrote to him.

There are two hypotheses: Fiordelisi shot him telling a lie to gain visibility and make headlines. Or on the contrary Totti really sent at least a message. If the second option is chosen, it remains to understand the content of the “letters”. It will therefore be necessary to understand if this evening Alfonso Signorini will take the ball to deal live with this burning subject.

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