Totti-Blasi separation, a sensational background appears: they really do



Totti-Blasi separation, a sensational bottom appears: they really do it. It will be an important week for the ex-couple

As in all separations, the first phase is the most delicate. All the bridges are cut, only the lawyers speak, but when there are children in the middle it is different. As in the case of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi who for some months have started seeing them every other day, even at home.

Totti-Blasi separation, a sensational background appears (Instagram)

Now, however, a sensational bottom appears which would seem to confirm the climate of tension in the former couple. According to the weekly ‘Di Più’, in fact, the former footballer and the presenter do not speak to each other, literally. So when they need to communicate something about their children, they use technology.

As reported by anonymous witnesses who seem to know them well, in this case they write to each other on WhatsApp. And this, despite the fact that they both continue to live in the large villa of Eur, which until July was their common home. But it would seem that Francesco has also stopped following Ilary Blasi’s sisters, Silvia and Melory on social media, as well as their respective husbands Ivan and Tiziano who actually worked with him and for him. A clean break to start a new life.

Totti-Blasi separation, a shattering background appears: the first hearing is approaching

Between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, it’s only a question of money. And so after months of indiscretions, background and spicy interviews, the first official date of the separation lawsuit is about to arrive. The first hearings are scheduled for Friday, October 14 at the Court of Rome.

An appointment devoted in particular to the bags of Ilary which would have disappeared from the closet and which she requests the return. The civil judge will have to decide (for the moment) not the fate of the three children but only that linked to the Gucci, Chanel, Prada collection, all accessories of which the presenter has so far lost track. Ilary Blasi is on the hunt for his bags (Instagram)

They disappeared following the disappearance of the bank vault where they held the account of the precious Rolexes that Totti bought over the years and which were allegedly swept away by Ilary and his father. In his interview with “Corriere della Sera”, it was the former footballer who confessed to having taken them hostage: “And what should I do? I hid the bags from him, hoping for an exchange, but there was no way,” he said on that occasion. Totti may have been hoping the split wouldn’t happen in a courtroom, but it didn’t.

The lawyer who assists Ilary Blasi, Alessandro Simeone, has therefore presented a reinstatement action in defense of possession to recover the bags and this weekend the judge will examine the case. Likewise, it appears that Francesco is moving in with a similar request to get his Swiss watches back.

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