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Noemi Bocchi, the new companion of footballer Francesco Totti has suffered a very bad experience. Here’s what happened to him.

In recent months, the name of Noemi Bocchi has become very popular in all the gossip newspapers. The woman, in fact, rose to prominence when it was discovered that she had become the new partner of Francesco Totti. This year, in fact, Italians have witnessed the end of one of the oldest and most famous couples in the world of entertainment: the famous football champion and Ilary Blasi.

Noemi Bocchi – Solocine.it

The two had been together for about 20 years and married in 2005. As they both said, the crisis started some time ago: he claims that everything changed when he stopped playing football. soccer. In fact, she wouldn’t have fully understood the pain he felt for this forced estrangement and from there things would have started to go wrong. Then everything was going to degenerate during the pandemic, when he lost his father because of the covid and that she would not be close enough to him anymore.

The historic captain of Roma, during this bad period, met Noemi Bocchi while playing padel. She is not part of the television world, but she was married to a football executive. Relations with the ex-husband would not, however, be the best.

Noemi Bocchi, the falling out with her ex-husband Mario Caucci

They have been separated for some time, but four years ago Noemi Bocchi and her ex-partner Mario Caucci had a furious feud, which broke out at four in the morning and continued for several hours with him attached to his intercom. She denounced him and just a few days ago the ex-couple went to court for this reason. The judges heard five of his friends, called to testify.

The hearing took place in closed ports and even journalists were unable to attend. However, as reported by ilmessaggero.it, once out of court, the footballer’s new girlfriend could not resist and blurted out to the press: “You torment me, I’m offended, we don’t want to say anything.” The ex-husband also kept silent.

Noemi Bocchi and her ex-husband – Solocine.it

At this time, it is unclear how the process will end. We know, however, that this is a very sensitive file since the minor children of the former couple are also concerned. It can’t be an easy time for the woman, between those auditions and the gossip about her new relationship.

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