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We all know Tori Spelling! Her father Aaron Spelling was a famous producer, who left a net worth of $600 million at the time of his death. However, Tori herself got barely a million from it. Her major earnings came from being Donna Tart in Beverly Hills.

Everybody who knows Tori from her role as Donna Tart might think of her as this ‘super rich star.’ But Tori has faced money problems in her life. So, let’s explore Tori Spelling’s net worth!

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Tori Spelling’s Net Worth Revealed

Tori Spelling has a whopping net worth of $250,000. She has sighted her low net worth due to her problems with money management and poor financial decisions. When Spelling was six years old, she started attending acting classes.

She was given guest spots on hit television shows including Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Saved by the Bell throughout her early years. Tori then achieved major success as a teenager, landing the lead role of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills.

Then details about Tori Spelling’s financial difficulties surfaced in 2013. Even though her father, Aaron Spelling, was estimated to be worth $600 million at the time of his death. 

The actress writes, “It’s no mystery why I have money problems,” in her book Spelling It Like It Is. “I was born into an incredibly wealthy family. I find it difficult to give up my upscale preferences, even when I make an effort to live a simpler lifestyle.”

She even revealed, “I am not great with money. Since I was eighteen, I have had a business manager, so I never touched any of my money. I never really learned about money since everything, everything, went to them. Now that I have my children, I realize how crucial that is.” All this led to money problems in her life.

A Look At Tori Spelling’s Financially Challenging Life

Tori Spelling had a tough time with her 5 kids in a terrible financial situation due to some poor decisions taken by her. She was also in debt. A few years after Spelling paid off $88,000 in debt, it was revealed in January that she still owed the IRS $1.3 million in unpaid taxes, more than five times her estimated net worth.

Spelling and her family are now residing in a Sunseeker E450 RV, which is a better place to stay than the $100-per-night motel they were supposedly staying at in July. This might be a result of financial difficulties.

After Aaron Spelling passed away in 2006 due to complications from a stroke, the majority of his inheritance went to his wife, Candy Spelling. According to reports, Spelling inherited $800,000 from her father after taxes. 

Tori Spelling’s Current Life & Marriage

Tori Spelling earned about $70,000 per episode and another $15,000 per episode as co-creator for Beverly Hills 90210. She now has a different sort of lifestyle. Spelling is still acting and has made appearances on shows like The Masked Singer in addition to her lead role in the reality series Home with Tori. In addition, she co-hosts the retro podcast 90210MG with Jennie Garth and is a best-selling author. 

In her personal life, after a marriage with Dean McDermott that gave her 5 children, she left the marriage after the cheating scandal of McDermott in June 2023. Spelling is currently living in an RV—sans McDermott—with the five kids they share. However, she believes in bouncing back and will soon form a better life for her kids.


The BH90210 star Tori Spelling is now working hard to make a living for herself and her kids. She has faced a lot of challenges in her life. What are your thoughts on Tori Spelling’s story? Feel free to share your opinion about this in the comment box.

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