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TOP 6 common advertising mistakes you should avoid




If you are a business owner, we bet it’s not easy to organize your marketing campaigns. Advertisers must think in advance about crucial things, such as defining the target group of users, advertising methods, creating visuals, etc. If you don’t do certain details correctly, you’re just wasting your money instead of earning.

You pay a high price for every tiny mistake!

Creating marketing campaigns can be stressful work and it’s not always easy to set the ad right. You may have a very creative ad, but if it’s not posted in the right place or doesn’t contain messages relevant to your target audience, you won’t get anything out of it.

Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid in order to create a successful marketing campaign.

1. Your official website is a mess

The users get the first impression of your brand after they enter your website for the first time. At that moment, you only have 50 seconds to impress them. Use this time to make a good impression.

75% of consumers declared that it’s very important to them how a company’s website looks. They what the official page to be readable, to provide adequate information, and to have a nice and simple design. Users gain trust in the brand based on these factors. So make sure your sales page looks flawless. Invest in a good and clear site design, attractive images, and good copy.

It goes without saying that the site must be optimized for mobile devices. Today, over 90% of users search the internet via smartphone.

2. You advertise everywhere you can

You must know where to advertise and where your target group is. Otherwise, the advertisement will not have an adequate effect. Funeral services cannot be advertised in front of the school, so you should be careful to whom and where your ad is shown.

Ad Nativia’s native advertising platform has solved this problem perfectly. It enabled its clients to advertise on sites of their own choosing and thus target exclusively their target audience.

For example, if you are advertising an anti-hair loss shampoo, on the Ad Nativia you can choose to have your ad appear on sites that deal with topics like beauty and health. Such sites gather users who, among other things, care about the health of their hair.

There’s no use advertising anti-hair loss shampoo on auto-moto or fishing websites, is there?

3. You exaggerate with ads

You can bore users if you overdo it with ads, which can make your brand evoke negative emotions in potential buyers. The point is not to exaggerate the advertisement but to make something creative that the audience will remember.

Overdoing advertising costs a lot, and you don’t get an adequate ROI.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push your ad to the user a few times. One performance is mostly not enough for the audience to remember you but you must know where to set the boundaries.

4. You target everyone

Even if your product is universal and intended for everyone, you always need to define your target audience. You can’t address eighteen-year-old teenagers and 50+ adults the same way. Create several campaigns for each target group separately.

You will hardly be able to create one ad that can appeal to everyone. Instead, figure out who your product is best for and focus specifically on them. This means determining the gender, age, location, and interests of your target audience and reaching them through the design and tone of your advertising content.

If you don’t target a certain group and try to speak “everyone’s language”, you risk becoming too vague and not appealing to anyone.

5. You don’t analyze your campaigns

If the ad doesn’t meet their expectations, advertisers feel they need to invest more money in the campaign. However, this is not always the case.

If the advertisement did not bring adequate results, analyze it. Think about what you could improve, and find out where things are stuck.

For example, if you noticed that users don’t click on your ad, it means that your “bait” is bad. Change the image and title of the ad. If, on the other hand, they click on the ad but don’t read your promo content, change the copy. If they read the entire promo article but don’t convert, you need a better call to action.

So you don’t need a bigger budget, but analyze where the problem is. If the ad has met your expectations, and brings you a higher ROI, only then can you consider increasing your ad budget.

6. You don’t have enough traffic

It’s not enough to just have good content to promote. You need to get users to see your offer, and that’s why you need traffic, that is, a platform that will bring you enough traffic to your content and allow users to see your offer.

Logically, you want the traffic to be quality, to bring you a relevant audience, preferably without spending a fortune on it. In that case, try the Ad Nativia platform, the fastest-growing native advertising platform in Europe.

Ad Nativia will bring you traffic from the USA, Western Europe, Australia, Canada, and other attractive locations, and the prices are more than favorable. You probably won’t find such low click prices anywhere.

The thing is, now is the best time to take advantage of this platform because the competition is very low, so the click prices will fit any budget. You will grab almost all the traffic for yourself.

The management of the Ad Nativia platform believes that in six months the situation will change and that the click prices will be much higher, so it is important that you grab all the traffic from the platform right this moment.

Click here and register for free on An Nativia, so you can increase your sale and boot your ROI.

Act now while the competition is still low and you can take most of the traffic for yourself!

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