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Top 15 Lady Gaga Songs



Continuing our special to celebrate Lady Gaga’s 35th birthday, we’ve separated a brief list of ten of her best songs.

Of course, several well-known and acclaimed anthems were left out, but we’ve tried to do everything we can to encapsulate her versatile career and encapsulate each of her eras – and for that reason we don’t focus primarily on singles. official albums. .

Discover our choices below:

15. “I love him brutally”

Album: Fame

Reliving electro-pop and synth-pop with extraordinary force, “I Like It Rough” may be an unusual choice for the list, but it is certainly one of the songs that best represents the album. . Speaking of addictions and, in particular, a masochistic relationship, the song is one of the best entries in Gaga’s discography for its inexcusable explanation.

14. “A-YO”

Enjoy watching:

Album: Joanne

“Joanne” might not be one of the artist’s favorite albums, but it’s certainly spawned countless amazing songs. “A-Yo” is one of them: the country-pop infusion is painted with additions of funk and techno-rock to perfection – and with one of the singer’s best vocal performances.

13. “GYPSY”


“ARTPOP” suffered from the curse of the fourth album and it was a long time before it was saved as an underrated and important piece of music. “Gypsy” is one of the many highlights of the production and won over audiences for the simplicity of the production, moved by the synthesizers and the piano, and for the romantic and elegant density of the verses.



The first single from ‘ARTPOP’ is a fusion of the multiple themes that Gaga brought to the album. “Applause” saves the pop art movement and the forays promoted by Andy Warhol and speaks, in an unconventional way, about fame and the industry from overconsumption – in addition to putting EDM back on the mainstream scene.


Album: Fame

The story promoted by “Paparazzi” earned Gaga one of the greatest dance hymns of the century. Speaking of the need for attention and criticizing the incisive positioning of the paparazzi, the semi-ballad perfectly mixes elements of electronics and pop, carrying one of the most famous choruses of all time.


Album: Chromatica

Babylon” closes ‘Chromatica’, Gaga’s latest album, with a golden key. Incorporating elements of the house and paying homage to classic songs of the 1990s, the track lost the chance to become an official single from one of the artist’s most exciting eras – but it didn’t go far from our radar and won a deserved place. on the list.


Album: Fame

When Lady Gaga stepped out of an ornate swimming pool dressed in nothing but a latex bodysuit on “Poker Face,” audiences were going crazy with a new era of mainstream music. The synth-pop, filled with subliminal messages and one of the main indicators of the performer’s bisexuality, is emblematic from start to finish, from the robotic voice that precedes the chorus to the irreverent bridge.


Album: Born This Way

The song “The Edge of Glory” deserved more recognition than it actually gets, but it still remains one of the favorite songs of fans and critics alike. Inspired by the death of her grandfather, Gaga teamed up with Clarence Clemons’ impeccable skill on the saxophone for a perfect and exciting piece that speaks of life’s last moments.

Album: Chromatica

Extending its references to Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder, the ethereal combination of “Chromatica II” and “911” cannot be separated at any time. The cinematic presentation of the interlude is just a pretext for the robotic explosion of the EDM anthem, with all the upbeat construction corroborating the sanity messages and Gaga’s reconciliation with her inner demons.


Album: The Monster of Fame

Gaga went against the fans’ desire and seems to have forgotten to turn “Dance in the Dark,” one of the best forays of her prolific career, into a promotional single. The fusion of Europ, new wave and retro-pop brings analysis on the lack of bodily acceptance, in addition to betting a few tokens on toxic relationships, in addition to honoring legendary names in popular culture, such as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Sylvia Plath.

Album: Born This Way

The biggest LGBTQ + anthem of the 21st century – perhaps history – was the first song to mention the queer community in all its aspects. The iteration, immersed immeasurably in electropop, celebrates life in all its phases and encourages the empowerment of social minorities, acting as a motto for the liberation of the artist herself.


Album: Born This Way

Before “Joanne”, Gaga had already shown signs of appreciation for the country with the incredible and flawless “Yoü And I”. Departing completely from pop and country-rock betting, the track, one of the latest promotions from ‘Born This Way,’ the song also received applause from international experts and became a highlight of the album for its competent production and presence of none other than Brian May on guitar.


Album: A Star Is Born (OST)

The romantic ballad “Always Remember Us This Way” was critically acclaimed and won a Grammy nomination for song of the year. Praised for the density of production and verses, the track returns to showcase Gaga’s instrumental skills and finds success on the mainstream scene.

Album: A Star Is Born (OST)

Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Grammy are among dozens of statuettes that the respected and acclaimed “Shallow” has taken home. The flagship of “Nasce Uma Estrela” reignited cinematic romanticism in an essential way and conquered the world for its deep lyrical composition and simple country-rock production.


Album: The Monster of Fame

Considered by countless experts to be the magnum opus of Gaga, “Bad Romance” remains alive in the memory of all those who have already turned on the radio at least once in 2009. Winner of two Grammy statuettes, the song is the flagship from the famous and revolutionary ‘The Fame Monster’ and brings elements of German house and techno to the vibrant electro-pop of the late 2000s.

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