Tommaso Stanzani is just a memory: a new love is coming for Zorzi



That the love between Tommaso Stanzani and Zorzi was shipwrecked was well known, but now a new love is on the horizon

There is no hope in the hearts of those who were hoping for a comeback as it looks like the Milanese influencer is sailing to other ports. After the passionate kiss in the nightclub, another man appears.

Tommaso Stanzani and Tommaso Zorzi (Instagram photo)

None of them ever formalized the breakup, but the gestures spoke for them, as did the new acquaintances. Initially, Tommaso Zorzi was spotted kissing another guy in a nightclub, with some passion, then it was Stanzani’s turn who, through some stories, hinted that he was seeing another dancer – despite the attempt to hide the repeats – now there’s a damning new clue from the Milanese influencer.

Once again the reports reach Deianira Marzano who limited herself to reporting what happened to her directly without going any further, not having personally confirmed. Everything that came to his knowledge, he shared it with other followers to raise awareness.

Tommaso Zorzi spotted with another: who is he?

(@Instagram by Deianira Marzano)

On her Instagram stories, Deianira Marzano shared photos and videos featuring Tommaso Zorzi with a few friends, but one of them especially raised an eyebrow at the many followers of the Milanese influencer and asked for the support of the web gossippara. A user reports in particular: “History then nonchalantly erased, while he sings and ‘massages’ his shoulders”. Deianira Marzano then commented: “I’m not much, but I have received several messages lately”. Later, another report arrived that adds details to the case.

Another Internet user, follower of web gossip, confessed among his directs: “I confirm, his name is Walter. They were together with Ikea a few days ago. ” Hard to think that the two have been dating for a while and that they are thinking of furnishing the house together, it would undoubtedly be an important step for the Milanese influencer who has shown the difficulty of becoming solemnly attached to someone.A new love on the horizon? having fun is well established, who knows the good hasn’t happened.

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