Tomato sauce: these are the brands you should never buy



One of the products that takes Italy around the world is tomato sauce. Behind the production of such a soft and excellent food to adapt to any dish, there is a long work, carried out by people who have been doing it for years now and which is passed down from father to son.

Summer is definitely the perfect time to buy ripe tomatoes at the right time to make homemade sauce: lately our lifestyles have changed a lot and we don’t have much free time to spend on similar activities anymore and therefore we can’t help but buy some at the supermarket.

In recent months, controversies have erupted over the inconsistencies found in some well-known brands of tomato puree: some of them are also widespread throughout Italy.

The manufacturing companies in question have been accused of producing tomato puree containing mold toxins: these can be particularly toxic to our health and, in the most serious cases, lead to death. According to some studies carried out on the case, these toxins are produced by fungi belonging to the “Alternaria” family, which are very common on tomato plants.

Therefore, industry experts advise us to pay close attention to news that authorized bodies, such as the Ministry of Health, constantly publish indicating the name and batch number of the contaminated food. The stakes are not to be underestimated at all, because once these toxins are taken, one could also face very unpleasant negative consequences: cases in the medical literature report both intoxications which involve gastrointestinal disorders mild intestinal illnesses, but also more severe cases that resulted in the death of patients. due to severe damage to genetic material.

Another highly toxic substance that should not be underestimated is tenuazonic acid (known to many simply as TEA), the latter is a toxin that has the ability to inhibit the production of endogenous proteins: this leads to serious damage to vital organs and no.

Some recent reports have shown severe damage to organs such as the liver, pancreas, and even the heart. This stems from the inhibition of proteins that the body needs for the whole system to function at its best without having deficiencies that would lead to the damage that we listed a few lines ago.

Our experts, perceiving the alarmism of consumers, want to point out that there are as many checks as the bodies in charge and the companies themselves carry out daily on the products. As in any field, there are exceptions that lead to mistakes, but that does not mean that all companies should be put on the same footing. The important thing is to carefully read the information contained on the label and to keep informed via the approved sites on the different batches withdrawn.

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