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Tom Cruise turns 59 | We elect the 10 best astro films



The American actor Tom Cruise ends his 59 years of life this Saturday, July 3.

The star hits national theaters in November with “Top Gun: Maverick” and continues to advance in the Hollywood film industry, claiming no casualties in his more than thirty-year career. This is mainly due to the fact that he surrounds himself with promising projects and works with the best professionals of the seventh art.

Although he is best known as an action star and, due to his good looks, is mistakenly referred to as “just another pretty face”, Cruise has starred in films considered to be young classics in the world. over the decades he has spent. Has won numerous awards including three times Oscar nominee and several Golden Globe nominees, winning twice.

In the height of the 90s, when he was one of the main celebrities of the moment, the actor decided to stop and give a new direction to his trajectory, also becoming a producer. It was then that he made his debut alongside Paula Wagner at C / W Productions, with Missão: Impossível (1996). A feature film in which he also played and which at the time was a resounding success with the public and the critics. Since then, the indestructible defender of Scientology has won at the box office.

CinePOP has compiled a list of the ten most important films of the great career built by this actor who always shows a lot of envy in his work.

10 – Question of Honor (1992)

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A role that stood out especially for Cruise playing alongside the sacred monster Jack Nicholson and having memorable dialogues. In the film, after the accidental death of a soldier on a military base, after being attacked by two other members of the company, one strongly suspects that there was a “red alert”, a kind of unofficial punishment in which an officer orders the subordinates to punish a soldier who has not behaved properly. When the case comes to court, a young lawyer (Tom Cruise) decides not to make a deal and tries to find out the truth.

9 – Magnolia (1999)


One of the most fascinating works that Tom Cruise has ever done, this to travel in varied tones ranging from comedy to drama. He was then able to work with one of the most promising American filmmakers of recent years, Paul Thomas Anderson. The story takes place in Los Angeles, on the outskirts of Magnolia Street, following a day in the life of nine characters, who live in the same neighborhood and whose stories happen to intersect. The film tackles several controversial themes, such as incest, homosexuality, drugs and violence.

8 – Eyes Wide Closed (1999)


Few actors have had the honor and opportunity to work with the genius Stanley Kubrick. Especially in your last movie. Even less with his wife, until then, the beautiful Nicole Kidman, whom he met during the filming of Days of Thunder (1990). Here, he plays Bill Harford, married to art curator Alice (Kidman). They both have the perfect marriage until, right after a party, Alice confesses that she has felt attracted to another man in the past and that she would be able to leave Bill and his daughter for him. . The confession disconcerts the guy, who wanders the streets of New York haunted by the image of the woman in the arms of another. He finds himself in the middle of a secret meeting and a secluded mansion.

7 – Minority report – The new law (2002)


Partnering with the ever-magical Steven Spielberg resulted in instant success, which was later repeated in War of the Worlds (2005). Adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick, set in 2054, where there is a system to accurately predict crimes, which brought the murder rate down to zero. The problem begins when Detective John Anderton, a leading crime-fighting operative, discovers that a murder he will commit himself has been predicted, questioning his reputation or the reliability of the system.

6 – Jerry Maguire – The Grand Tour (1996)


His stint as Jerry Maguire not only earned him an Oscar nomination, but also recorded the incredible milestone of his third consecutive film topping $ 100 million in the United States. In this historic role, Cruise is a successful sports agent in the business, but one night he writes a 25-page statement that suggests agents have fewer clients and use a more human approach to them. This fact leads him to be fired in no time and he begins to lose all of his clients at once, being forced to focus all of his energy and potential on his one client, a temperamental black soccer player (Cuba Gooding Jr. ) – who at the time won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

5 – Interview with the Vampire (1994)


It is well known that Cruise does not sew without a knot, but it is quite true that his appearance as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire was a risky bet that turned out to be very successful in the end. Having had few fantasies in the movies, this role was a great addition to her resume. Set in San Francisco, 1990s. A reporter interviews a young man who claims to be a vampire, recounting his experiences over the past 200 years. In flashback, we meet Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt), a man who lost his wife, died in childbirth, and his will to live. With the help of a creature of the night, Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise), he becomes a vampire and must learn a new way of life.

4 – Mission Impossible (1996)


As previously mentioned, Tom Cruise was already a star before starring in the first Mission Impossible, but it was right after being directed by Brian De Palma that the actor was elevated to another level, from a point of view. marketing. To this day, it is considered by many to be the best film in the series. In the plot, during a mission in Prague, a special group of agents is trapped. American Ethan Hunt (Cruise) discovers that only he and another agent have survived. Caught as an informer, he fled and began to act on his own. With the help of a new group, he will attempt to clear his name, finding out who the spy who set up his team was.

3 – The Rain Man (1988)


With numerous Oscar nominations including Best Picture – which even won and established itself as the first and only in the actor’s career to achieve such a feat – this Barry Levinson production has been a blast. success and showed the world a new side to young Tom Cruise. Charlie (Tom Cruise) is a man who cut ties with his father a long time ago, but when he learns that his father is dead, he decides to see what he gets as an inheritance. And, to his surprise, most of the money went to Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman), his autistic, math genius brother he didn’t know existed. The two brothers leave together for Los Angeles, where Charlie wants to claim half of the money in court. Along the way, they get to know each other better.

2 – Top Gun – Les As Indomptables (1986)


Here is the first big success of Tom Cruise in the cinema, the film responsible for putting the actor in the foreground, from now on he will only play leading roles. Maverick (Cruise), a young pilot, joined the Air Academy to become a fighter pilot. There, he bonds with Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis), a beautiful woman, and faces a competitor of his equal (Val Kilmer).

1 – Born July 4 (1989)

born the fourth_3147942b

Perhaps the best rendition of Tom Cruise’s career, a job completely unlike anything he’s ever done. Unrecognizable, the actor shocked everyone by living a controversial and ostracized figure. Oliver Stone made the most of his dramatic features. Cruise ended up being nominated for an Oscar and his loss is viewed by many as unfair. Embodying an idealistic character full of dreams, who left his girlfriend and family to go to fight in Vietnam. In the war, he is wounded and paralyzed. Back in the United States, he is received as a hero, but quickly finds himself confronted with the reality of prejudices against the physically disabled, even considered as war heroes. Ron then decides to join others to fight for their rights, now denied by the country that sent them to war.

Honorable mentions: Collateral (2004) The Color of Money (1986), Lions and Lambs (2007), Lives Without a Direction (1983), On the Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Jack Reacher: The Last Shot (2012) and Risky Business (1983).

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