Tips For Saving on Car Rental in New York



On a trip to the United States, many people rent a car in New York because of freedom. Despite the yellow taxis dominating the city, this is a unique chance to experience the Big Apple in its earliest forms. Another cool point is that many people dream of driving American roads. Renting a car around here and getting to know the surroundings is an unforgettable experience for vehicle lovers.

But to do all this, the most useful thing is enough information. And, for that, in the paragraphs below I explain everything you need to know about renting a car service to New York. After that, close the lease and enjoy the trip!

Where to rent a car in New York

Renting a car in New York seems very simple. You pick up the vehicle at the airport, drive away and return it before flying back home. But there are actually several factors to look out for when visiting a country abroad and dealing with rental companies.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily spend more money than you anticipated and blow your travel budget.

First of all, there are many websites dedicated to comparing car rentals in New York. These sites can compare rates from trusted companies and search for deals that help travellers save money hassle-free. Searching these sites and understanding so many details can seem challenging, but I’m here to help you

Reliable car rental companies in New York

All rental companies listed when searching with the Rentcars tool pass through a filter on the site itself. This is a world leader in online car rental. That is, you will hardly have a problem that cannot be solved.

However, it is extremely critical to analyze rental companies‘ evaluations and prefer companies with a positive reputation. Not always the cheapest service is the right choice

Simply apply the customer review filter to find deals only from top-rated rental companies. I’ve booked cars around the world from companies with lower ratings, paid less, and never had a problem.

But the best way to make a decision is to trust reviews!

How car rental works in New York

It’s very easy to rent a car in New York. You just need to go to the Rentcars website, fill in the search fields with the city or airport of your destination and the days you need the car. The comparison tool provides the vehicle options, prices and specifications of each one.

It is possible to choose the vehicle model and check critical safety and comfort information, such as airbags, number of passengers and types of brakes, for example. In addition, you can choose the lowest price filter to see which vehicles are at the lowest price. It’s helpful to check renting costs.

This generates incredible time savings, because instead of accessing each site of the local rental companies and looking for the most competitive prices, on a single site you already have access to the top rental companies.

How much does it cost to rent a car in New York?

Unlimited mileage

The first and foremost thing to check when researching is whether the reservation offers free mileage or not. This means that you can travel as much as you want with the rental car, without paying extra fees. This is no matter how many kilometers you travel.

Rental rates

The daily price for renting a Black Car Service New York varies greatly according to the time of year. In the high season, between June and September, leases are more expensive.

One way to rent a car cheaper is to increase the number of days. Generally, the cost per night drops after 7 days. The monthly fee is even less expensive.

Returning the vehicle to another city

Returning the rental car to a city other than New York may incur a “return fee”. This means someone will need to drive the vehicle back to the original city. The rate becomes more expensive as the distance between them increases.

Therefore, do several searches on the Rentcars website to find out if the rental company charges the fee between the chosen destinations. This cost is not always charged. Or, organize a tour across the United States to return the car to the same city.


Most agencies offer insurance included in your rental, but this usually only covers liability and damage to the car itself. If you want additional protection against theft and damage, you will need to purchase an additional policy or use free credit card insurance.


Fuel prices in New York vary greatly depending on oil supply, global crises, etc. On the other hand, it is almost always cheaper than in Brazil.

When researching, go to sites like to see how much gas costs in New York.

Thus, you avoid unpleasant surprises in your travel budget.


It’s important to differentiate between two types of tolls in the New York region. The first is what we are used to, located on highways and accepts credit cards and cash (more guaranteed).

The second, in turn, was deployed in 2022 and is used only on Manhattan. When you hire a Limousine service New York, you will have to pay a fee to enter the city center with your vehicle. The charge amount can be quite salty, reaching 23 dollars.

Extra services

It is possible to include optional services in the vehicle lease, such as a GPS device. According to my opinion, it is better to download the maps offline and use the GPS without internet connection.

Additionally, the internet chip must be purchased in New York.

The baby or child seat is mandatory when traveling with little ones. Depending on the number of days, it is worth buying a car seat from a local store.

Additional driver

When taking a road trip through New York, it is safer to divide the driving time. If this is your case and someone else also intends to drive the car, you must include the additional driver in the rental agreement.

In most cases it comes as an extra service, charged per day.

Security deposit

It is necessary to leave a guarantee amount, which is blocked on the credit card when picking up the rented vehicle. Call a deposit or pre-authorization. This amount is unlocked after the car is returned under the same conditions.

In practice, it is not a cost included in the rental price and is only charged if the rental company needs to charge extra.

Rent a car at the airport or city?

It is generally cheaper to rent a car at New York airport. However, in some cases it is more economical to pick up the vehicle from other stores in the city. When searching, you can limit the offers to appear for pickup only at the airport, or throughout the region.

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