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Tips for Maintaining Breast Implants



Breast Implants

If you’ve chosen to get breast implants, taking steps to maintain them properly helps ensure a beautiful, long-lasting outcome. While today’s breast implants are durable, certain precautions maximize their longevity and your satisfaction. 

As you do research to learn more about the procedure, it’s also important to find out what type of maintenance will be needed as well. Maintenance is important for breast implants for several key reasons:

  • Longevity – Proper care and maintenance help ensure implants last for many years without the need for replacement. The right habits preserve their structure and function.
  • Appearance – Maintenance keeps implants properly positioned and looking natural as intended. Poor maintenance can lead to distortion, wrinkling, or displacement that impacts aesthetics.
  • Capsule Integrity – The tissue capsules that forms around the implant can become misshapen or hardened without proper care. Maintenance helps prevent capsular contracture.
  • Detection of Issues – Routine exams by a plastic surgeon allow early detection of potential problems like leaks or ruptures. Early diagnosis improves outcomes.
  • Manufacturer Warranty – Lack of care may void the implants’ warranty coverage for replacement surgeries if complications arise. Proper maintenance preserves warranty eligibility.
  • Safety – Care like avoiding chest trauma helps prevent implant rupture and additional surgery. Maintenance safeguards your health.
  • Patient Satisfaction – Patients who properly maintain implants tend to enjoy improved comfort, appearance, longevity and peace of mind. Maintenance optimizes satisfaction.

Follow Aftercare Diligently

Closely adhere to all of your surgeon’s post-operative instructions for incision care, activity restrictions, massage and support garments. This protects the implants and optimal positioning during healing. Attend all follow-up visits as directed.

Invest in Sturdy Bras

Wear only well-fitted, supportive bras designed for augmented breasts. Avoid underwires or restrictive fabrics interfering with the implants. Compression and friction can cause complications over time. Sports bras should minimize bounce during activity.

Maintain Stable Weight

Significant fluctuations in weight can negatively impact the appearance and integrity of breast implants over time. Weight gain causes implants to look smaller and distorted as breast tissue surrounds the fixed implant volume. Conversely, weight loss can contribute to complications like capsular contracture, rippling, and implant malposition as breast tissue thinning exposes more of the implant shape. The implant envelope may also wrinkle. To maintain the ideal look and position of implants long-term, preserving a healthy, stable weight through diet and exercise is ideal. Avoid frequent yo-yo dieting or bodybuilding regimens that cause extreme weight swings. A consistent weight helps ensure implants stay settled and complement your figure. 

Practice Smart Sleeping Habits

Avoid sleeping only on your stomach, as the prolonged pressure can deform implant shape or compromise positioning. Side or back sleeping is best. Use pillows for support and comfort.

Be Cautious with Certain Activities

Use care with contact sports or other activities that carry higher risks of trauma to the breast area. Protect your chest when doing vigorous exercises like mixed martial arts, boxing, downhill skiing, etc. 

Get Annual Exams

See your original surgeon for periodic implant exams to assess their condition, ensure proper integration, and check for silent ruptures or other issues. Annual imaging like ultrasound or MRI also helps detect problems early.

Know Your Implant Warranty

Review the literature on the manufacturer’s warranty for your specific implants to understand coverage parameters. This includes duration, qualifying incidents, replacement policies, etc. Save your implant paperwork and info.

Consider Implant Insurance

Special implant insurance can offset costs if a replacement or revision procedure is ever needed for complications. Weigh the costs and benefits based on policy coverage.

With proper implant selection, surgical care, and ongoing maintenance, your breast augmentation results can look beautiful for decades. Be diligent in following your surgeon’s guidance and contact them promptly about any concerns. By implementing these tips, you can help your implants age gracefully.

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